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The Devil in Them

A new dawn, a new day, brings new horrors. One, two, three, four...
Four ritual killings that resonate with the corrosive events in Blackston two years ago. 

But this isn’t Blackston, it’s Liverpool.
Is this the old enemy resurfaced, or something worse? 

The city of Liverpool. Beneath its sky-line of gothic architectural wonders sits a festering evil. She’s biding her time. Having fun along the way. Weaving her web. Waiting to strike. 

But there are secrets as well as horrors... 

Drawn into the web is Detective Inspector Roger Flowers, Sergeant Kim Nasseri and psychic, Benjamin Tallis. Still haunted by the past, they are pushed unwillingly to confront this new malevolence.

This is the sequel to my novel; Stench of Evil - available only on Amazon in eBook format and quality paperback: