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Stench of Evil


When journalist Benjamin Tallis’ daughter is killed by a hit and run driver, he loses his job and his marriage.

Tallis suffers from visions, and he saw his daughter’s death. Now, one year later, he is hit by another vision. He is inside the head of a new victim, as the man is nailed to a cross by hooded figures.

Detective Inspector Roger Flowers and Sergeant Kim Nasseri are heading the investigation into the crucifixion of an unnamed man. They collide with Tallis, who seems to have details of the murder that only a killer might have. Chief Inspector Braddon wants Tallis arrested, but Flowers is not so sure – yet he is sceptical of the man’s psychic claims.

When the dead man is identified Tallis looks guiltier than ever.

As the investigation proceeds, and events become even darker and stranger, Flowers feels that he is becoming immersed in a madness that challenges his world view, and tests his strength to stand up to powers that are beyond anything he has previously encountered as a detective.

The terrible abuse of a boy from Flowers’ past comes back to haunt him.  Tallis feels his abilities are growing in strength, and the secretive Kim Nasseri is tested both physically and mentally to breaking point.

As the story builds towards its explosive climax, a wealth of characters are drawn together, and Tallis needs all his psychic strength to assist Flowers in his attempt to defeat the evil plotters.

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