Mds - Day 7

Saturday 15th April 11.8 km  

The last day!  So many people with very bad feet, me included.  Struggling to walk let alone run!  Both little toes split wide open, will no doubt lose both toe nails now being held on by tape.  Took out original inner soles which has created a bit of space, should have done this yesterday.

Started off with a hobble but then decided to run for a mile, then decided to run to dunes, then decided to run dunes where possible.  Wanted to punish my body for slow day 6 so just kept on going without actually stopping.

Placed below 300 which I was pleased with although couldn’t get through finish line so they got my placing and time wrong but hey, who really cares.  Really happy with performance on last day and feet aside, felt fine. 

Bit lost for words at finish, an amazing experience to be repeated!!

They give you a bus time but our entire tent decided to wait for the last man and all go back together; which we did.

And finally…
The finish is strange; elation, tears, joy, sadness.  Not wanting to leave and eking out the experience for as long as possible, avoiding getting on the bus in fear of returning to some kind of normality.

We queued as usual to get onto our bus and generally swapped storeis and dozed on the way back to the hotel.  The driver took the wrong turn and added 2 hours to the journey but otherwise it was pretty quiet.

Back at the hotel, the swimming pool was out of bounds and we were advised to take it easy and not drink too much alcohol!  Yeah, like we were going to pay any attention to the alcohol bit.  So, drink, eat and hobble we did.  We then went off to hand back our flares and get our T-shirts by joining yet another one hour queue.  There were also T-shirts with NON-Finisher printed on them!!  The merchandise was pretty poor so bought very little; T-shirts for the kids, cap for the wife, a new Mds Buff for me.

BoM sent out a representative to deal with any issues we ay have.  Rob was slow to start and instilled little if any confidence but as the event went on, Rob became the Star of Morocco.  Nothing was too much effort and he was genuinely interested in the well being of the competitors.

And now Team 7 all plan to meet up in a few weeks to plan our next adventures….