Mds - Day 6

Friday 14th April 42.2km 

Feet really sore, will need plenty of pain killers to get through this one.  Glad that we have the 600mg Brufen horse tablets!

Started off in soft sand dunes for 1-2 miles that resulted in loads of sand in my shoes.  I had to stop as soon as we got off the dunes.  Annoying but necessary.  Lost quite a few places so early on in the race so decided to run to CP1, painful but necessary!  Legs feeling strong, HR staying below 140 BPM, slightly cooler.

Concerned about using too much energy/water and maybe paying for it later in the race between later CP’s.  Had to stop again between CP1 and CP2 to re-tape left foot as I had taped across the edge of a blister which it was now cutting into.  Struggled with my feet up to CP2.

Met Rich from our tent at CP2 and we stayed together until end of day.  Ran from CP4 to end at a strong pace, killed feet but enjoyed the pace.  Rich showed his race pedigree and stayed ahead of me but seeing as how he has ran a 2’38” marathon not really surprising I could not quite keep up.

Unhappy with final time as so many other people had a fast day whereas I kept my pace consistent and conservative.  I know my feet dictated this to a great extent but still annoyed.  I had not recognised the drop in temperature and humidity so did not increase the pace for fear of running out of water/energy.  A temperature gauge and GPS would be useful for next time but only if very light.