Mds - Day 3

Tuesday 11th April 38km 

Still feeling the hard going on day 2.  The popped blister on right foot not looking good.  Also have big blister on ball of left foot that will need to be drained plus blisters on outside of both feet below ankle.  This idea of shoes that are too large doesn’t seem to be working too well with blisters that seem to be due to feet moving so much.  In hindsight I should have done more training in these shoes to work out how to avoid this.

Tried to get more tape from Doc Trotters but they wouldn’t let me have any and told me to come back in the morning.  The French gits then buggered off before we all got up so have had to use duck tape on the balls of my feet.  This may sound a bit drastic but American runners do use duck tape as one of their preferred options.  Fingers crossed it will work OK.

I reckon harder soled shoes and trekking poles, particularly on sandy inclines, would be very useful for next time.  60+ have already dropped out so the heat, humidity and sandstorms are taking their toll.  

Have a look/listen - business as usual sandstorms come early afternoon; and this is a little one!

Had a really good day, felt strong having paced myself sensibly up to CP1.  I also increased the amount of calories for breakfast from 500 to 1,200 by eating some of my end of day food for breakfast i.e. flapjack ad GO bar.  Salty snacks e.g. beef jerky, pepperami for daytime are also more appealing than energy bars e.g. GO/powerbars.



The local kids appeared in some strange places just to watch us suffer.








Pushed harder after CP2.  Very hot again with sand storms early afternoon.  Yet more drop outs again.  2km descent off plateau which most people are walking but I decided to run.  Really fast descent off the top of this palteau, got back to flat ground in 10 minutes and continued running.  Could see pass we are aiming for about 5km away.  Ground variable from rocky to soft sand so constantly looking for hard sand or fewer rocks.

Found a French guy lying upside down on this ascent, he thought fainting was fine though!  Funny how people in this situation think they are OK.  Cooled him down with some water and helped him to the CP which was only 500m away.  He didn't want to see Doc Trotter - but they got him before he could get away without a rest.

Loads of sand again in shoes, duck tape cut into feet at edge between big toe and second toe – not good!!  Sand has got underneath skin so need to get it out as best as I can before I get any infection. 

Sandstorm came in again early afternoon but I was going well so not too worried about it.  Finished strong passing a lot of people in last few kms.


Looking forward to the big long day tomorrow so need to make sure I tape well with tape rather than duck tape.