Mds - Day 2

Monday 10th April 35km

They gave us extra water today before we left due to heat yesterday.  Managed to get feet fully taped that feel much better already.  Also put some duck tape across front of shoes to see if this will help keep out sand.  Ball of left foot feeling sore but not sure why.  Short of zinc oxide tape so need to make sure have better supplies of this as well.  Legs however feel fine but as it is a longer day will need to make sure I maintain a sensible pace and conserve water better than yesterday.  Drank 5.5 litres on day 1 and only pissed once!  

Same heat followed by a sandstorm which didn’t make the checkpoint water stop too easy.  Long day in the dunes, yet more drop outs.  Kept pace steady but found it harder going than day before.

Dunes were relentless (8km) which was not helped by the biting sand storm.  I kept with my running shorts and T-shirt but did wonder if I should have gone with the Raidlight shirt like many other Brits.






Sandstorms came in what was becoming the norm with relenting dunes to whip up the lovely sand.  But first we found somewhere to rest in the shadebefore it became too much!

To rest is to rust, onwards to CP3......

Had a sprint finish with Stu; stupid thing to do.  Popped a blister (ouch) on right outer heel and felt like fainting, had to sit down for 10 minutes before collecting my water.  Took me an hour to recover from the sprint finish.

Rest of tent trickled in with each of us helping out with getting water boiled etc.

On the cooking side, we had to buy Hexamine type tablets before we left and have these delivered to the first bivi.  The tabs did not burn too well and you really needed 2-3 to boil about ½ litre of water.  They were OK and I only carried two packets (the ones that came with the cooker plus one extra pack) which turned out to be enough.  We did however cook over an open fire on some nights which you could have done on pretty much every night although having the option was helpful during sandstorms.  I also took my MSR wind shield that was in use virtually all the time. 

I would also add that I did not boil water for breakfast and at most only boiled water 3 times in an evening; 2 meals plus a hot drink (tea or soup).  You do drink every spare drop of water that you have.

Cooled down when the sun went down but too hot in my sleeping bag so just lay on top of it until about midnight.