Peter Eso

Reader in Economics, Department of Economics
Fellow and Tutor in Economics, Jesus College
University of Oxford


My short CV and an essay on my research interests.
Google scholar profile.

A separate page with teaching materials (slides).

I have written three educational apps on Game Theory:

Nash equilibrium 
in 2x2 games
Iterated Strict 
Binary type & action
signaling games
They can be dowloaded for free from Apple's App Store (iOS only).
Thanks to Renana Heller for her help in Swift programming.


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"Dynamic Contracting: An Irrelevance Theorem" (with Balazs Szentes), Theoretical Economics 12:1 (January 2017), 109–139. Winner of the 2017 Best paper award in Theoretical Economics.

"Bargaining with Hard Evidence(with Chris Wallace), Economic Journal, accepted.

Working papers:  

(with Yuk-fai Fong), manuscript, November 2008. 
(with Balázs Szentes), CMS-EMS DP #1369 (April 2003) 

“Multi-Good Efficient Auctions with Multi-Dimensional Information” 
(with Eric Maskin), manuscript, December 2002.

Published Teaching Materials: 

“Orangia Highways” Parts A and B (with Graeme Hunter, Peter Klibanoff, Karl Schmedders)
Kellogg MBA case #5-106-007A and #5-106-007B 

Pedigree vs. Grit: Predicting Mutual Fund Manager Performance” (with Graeme Hunter, 
Peter Klibanoff, Karl Schmedders), Kellogg MBA case,