Verse and Prose

As an exercise in self-expression, I began doing some writing in early in 2004 with a few pieces of prose. Then "Aeolian Laments" became a cycle of verses. Over time, I seem to have found greater expressiveness in verses, and so more and more of my writing is in that form. 

June 2010:  I'm a published poet! There had been a call for submissions to an anthology "Celebrating Poets over 70" by the McMaster Centre for Gerontological Studies and Tower Poetry Society, Hamilton, Ontario. I submitted the triptych Seasons, and had one, "Autumn", accepted for publication. The book Celebrating Poets over 70 is now sold on amazon. The poems are no longer accessible on the original site, which had included my accepted poem Autumn, along with a brief bio. 

[I could actually claim being published before - that was Aeolian Laments in the biannual Journal put together by BOLLI - Brandeis Osher Lifelong Learning Institute] 

The titles below are my verse and prose pieces: 


Seasons  (A Triptych) 
       Crane Beach 

Intimate Spectators  (A Triptych) 

The 5:47 

"Time, and again" 
       This Old Man 
       Time Second 


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