Wine: Opinions, Selections

The opinions expressed here are just that: my personal, selective and certainly biased views on wine, so enjoy them or not for that. 

Wine Diary:  Keeping a record is a good idea, unless you have a great taste memory. Still, my Tasting Notes proved to be too cumbersome to continue writing up. Maybe I'll restart a more limited version soon. 

Recommended Wines:  A new feature, started Jan. 2005, that was an attempt to take note of those wines, out of the many that I've sampled which, in my opinion, merited some special attention. This, too, needs to be restarted. 

A toast to the U. S. Supreme Court (5/17/05), which ruled that interstate shipment of wine must follow the same rules as in-state shipment, at least in Michigan and New York. Here in Massachusetts, we'll have to wait to see whether the powerful liquor lobby presses legislators to ban all shipment except through distributors. 

Updated October 24, 2015

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