Older What's New?

February 2016:  Added some Winter 2015-16 pictures to the Local Wildlife, and more page. 

October 2015:  Set up a new page on Photography, Thoughts and Selections, which includes some photos of mine that I particularly like. 

August 2015:  Put up pictures of a trip to Berlin, Germany in Travel Pictures.

July/August 2015: Comcast/Xfinity decided not to support personal webpages any more, giving us until October to transfer any files and images of interest. On August 7 they made this offer:

" Sign up for Weebly Pro today and enjoy a free
  one-year subscription - a $139 value!  "

After that year - can you do the math?  I knew you could - sounds a lot like it will then cost you $139; that's after you've done the work of setting up a site and becoming a captive audience. Do they expect website developers to be that dumb?  No thank you very much. 

July 2015:  Lifelong Learning is a new menu entry. It's an area I've been involved in since 2006. 

Making Lemonade:  Since Comcast/Xfinity is no longer supporting personal websites, transferring mine gives me the chance to freshen and renew my site - culling out old stuff, restructuring, etc.  Meanwhile, there will be many broken links and pages to fix over time. 

Updated Feb. 15, 2016