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Bermuda - February 2004

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Edgehill Manor - where we stayed 

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The terrace that we didn't get to use
View past the gate down the street
Palm tree with ugly fruit
Elegant tree house across the street

In and around Hamilton 

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Scene in a small park near the post offfice
Hogges at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess
More hogges 
The story
Yet more hogges
Fort Hamilton: Entering the moat
Fort Hamilton moat as botanical garden
Fort Hamilton moat
Fort Hamilton moat: rootless plant attached to tree

Botanical Garden 

   Bermuda Flora 

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Governor's Mansion
"Asparagus" cactus
The ubiquitous Kiskadee
Under the spreading banyan tree
Aerial roots
That's all one tree

Spittal Pond and Blue Hole Park 

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Some birds in the bush
Bermudan homes
Blue Hole Park: Overlook to cave area
Blue Hole Park: Overlook to mangroves
Mangroves, with view toward airport

Railway Trail - Hamilton Parish 

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Always good to know where you are
Rock face in the railway cut

Railway Trail - Frank's Bay to Mangrove Bay 

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Remains of railway - Frank's Bay
Remains of railway - Somerset bridge
Somerset bridge
Tree roots in railway cut

Elbow Beach 

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Elbow Beach Station - 
Bermuda Railway
Railway Trail - Paget Parish
Railway Trail - Paget Parish
The ubiquitous Kiskadee
The famous pink sand, close up
Resting after a tough morning