Special Selections

The Photographer's Eye:  It's my way of saying that one should always be alert and aware of detail everywhere, especially in the small. It lets one see more in everything, and enriches life in that way. 

Composition:  Awareness of balance in position, shape and color. I believe in two subjects in a photo, a major and a minor, often at different depths. The straight-on, centered single object is anathema. 

Autumn leaves:  The most vivid colors occur with sun backlighing. The trick is to block out the sun with, say, a tree trunk or branch so that it does not shine directly into the camera. 

Photoshop - Lighten Shadows:  Photoshop allows one to do so many things to enhance and modify images, but the most useful one to me (in Photoshop Elements) is to Lighten Shadows (in Enhance - Adjust Lighting menu). It brings out some details in the darkest areas of an image that one otherwise does not see. 

Selected images - click to enlarge: 

Approaching the Norway coast: 
Midnight sun at precisely midnight

Coiled rope on river cruise ship. 

Melk: Staircase reflected in a mirror at the bottom.

Poplars along the Elbe River

Grasshopper on one hand; 
picture with the camera held in the other

Updated Feb. 27, 2018