Lifelong Learning Courses

In the Fall of 2006, I joined the BOLLI, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Brandeis.  In that first year and subsequent ones, I developed, led and co-led a number of courses in a variety of subjects (see below). After using an eBoard for a while, I put together websites for several courses. 

In 2014, a new lifelong learning organization, LLAIC (Lifelong Learners: An Independent Collaborative) was started; I'm proud to be one of the founders. Since then, I've developed and co-developed some new courses, and taught them at both LLAIC and BOLLI. 
  • Who's Afraid of 20th-Century Music?  (with Naomi Schmidt)
  • Five Physicists who Changed the World View  (Website)
  • Making Sense of Wine  (contributed to Allan Kleinman's course)
  • Numbers in the News - A Reader's Guide to Studies, Polls and Other Figures
    Here I learned the power of marketing - it took three tries to get the title right.  When people see the word "statistics" they immediately run in the other direction, so the first version didn't get too many takers.
    • Numbers in the News:  Statistics for Newspaper Readers
    • Studies, Polls and Other Figures in the News - A Guide for the Numerically Perplexed
  • Three Masterpieces:  from Drama to Film and Opera  (Website)
  • Germans Look Back at World War II and its Legacies (contributed to Sophie Freud's course)
  • A Science Sampler: Five by Three  (with Karen Wagner and Gillian Geffin)  (Website)
     This was a two-part course, five weeks each, one subject per session. A later course was
  • A Taste of Science and Technology (with Gillian Geffin)
My contributions in both were:
  • Exoplanets: Other Suns have Planets too
  • Robotics: Facts and a little fiction
  • Physics of Baseball
  • Radiation: Natural and Man-made
  • Our Mysterious Sub-atomic World:  Quantum Mechanics without a Wrench  (Website)
  • The Humanity of Heinrich Böll: Selected Short Stories
  • The Golden Years of Foreign Film: The '50s and '60s (with Naomi Schmidt)

The films:  Rashomon, La Strada, The Seventh Seal, Hiroshima Mon Amour, I'm All Right Jack, Black Orpheus, Jules et Jim, Repulsion, Blow-Up, Z

  • The Golden Years of Foreign Film II: Ten More from the '50s and '60s (with Naomi Schmidt)
The films:  The 400 Blows, The Man in the White Suit, Wild Strawberries, Knife in the Water, Pather Panchali, M. Hulot’s Holiday, The Shop on Main Street, Yojimbo, The Battle of Algiers, Viridiana,

Updated Feb. 12, 2010