Celebrating Retirement: The grand theme of retirement is time, and it seems to evoke two distinct responses: An empty glass with too many hours, days, weeks, months, and years to fill; or, a full glass from which to savor the many things that one wished to do and had to put aside before. A five-month trial run of retirement after one of those high-tech company downsizings confirmed my expectation that it would hold no terrors for me. Then, after a final twenty-month swan-song as a senior machine vision engineer, I retired in October 2000, making, as I had always wanted to do, my own decision to leave.

July 2015: Now, after fifteen years of retirement, with still with too few hours in the day and too many interesting things to do, that was certainly the right call at the time. 

November 2018 - Recent changes
Updated mushroom pictures after some good picking and eating: Wild Mushrooms

July 2018 - Recent changes

February 2018 - Recent changes
Updated pictures of New Zealand 2005 trip

October 2017 – Recent changes:

Updated the Running webpages with emphasis on Running at Age 70+

August 2017 – Recent changes:
    Created a new page of links to our Britain-Norway Cruise, with another link to come
 Occasional updates to The Fake President page

May 2017 – Recent changes:
    Fixed links to Picasa Archives, and links to Naomi's pictures
    New Zealand (2005) – Days 1, 2-3, with more to come
    Berlin (2015) – in progress, with more to come
    Updated to include more recent courses given

July/August 2015: Comcast/Xfinity decided not to support personal webpages any more, giving us until October to transfer any files and images of interest. 

This site will be "Under Construction" for some time, with some pages and links working and others not quite yet. 

Updated July 5, 2018