Peter Cziraki

Assistant Professor of Economics

Assistant Professor of Law (by courtesy), University of Toronto

Contact Information

Department of Economics, Max Gluskin House, Room 209

St. George Street 150

M5S 3G7 Toronto, ON, Canada

Research Interests

Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Executive Labor Markets, Insider Trading, Law and Finance, Shareholder Activism

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Understanding Bank Payouts During the Crisis of 2007-2009 (with Christian Laux and Gyöngyi Lóránth)

Review of Corporate Finance Studies, forthcoming

The Dollar Profits to Insider Trading (with Jasmin Gider)

Review of Finance, 2021, 25(5): 1547-1580

What Do Insiders Know? Evidence From Insider Trading Around Share Repurchases and SEOs (with Evgeny Lyandres and Roni Michaely)

Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021, 66: 101544

Asymmetric Attention and Stock Returns (with Jordi Mondria and Thomas Wu)

Management Science, 2021, 67(1): 48-71

    • SFS Cavalcade 2011, SED 2011, EEA 2011, AFA 2012, Wolfe Virtual Global Quantitative and Macro Investment Conference 2020

CEO Turnover and Volatility Under Long-Term Employment Contracts (with Moqi Groen-Xu) [JFQA summary video]

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2020, 55(6): 1757-1791; lead article

Trading by Bank Insiders Before and During the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis [Internet Appendix]

Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2018, 33: 58-82

Corporate Governance Rules and Insider Trading Profits (with Peter de Goeij and Luc Renneboog)

Review of Finance, 2014, 18(1): 67-108

Shareholder Activism Through Proxy Proposals: The European Perspective (with Luc Renneboog and Peter G. Szilagyi)

European Financial Management, 2010, 16(5): 738-777

Reprinted in: Institutional Investor Activism: Hedge Funds and Private Equity, Economics and Regulation,

edited by William Bratton and Joseph A. McCahery, Oxford University Press, 2015

Working Papers

The Market for CEOs (with Dirk Jenter)

Revise and resubmit, Journal of Finance

Credentials Matter, but Only for Men: Evidence from the S&P 500 (with Adriana Robertson)


2008 Corporate Finance 2

2010 - 2012 Business Economics 2 for ECO: Finance

2012 - Financial Economics I (asset pricing and portfolio theory)

2012 - Empirical Financial Economics

2017 - Rotman Finance PhD Topics (topic: executive labor markets)

2022 Investments

2022 Financial Markets and Institutions