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Instrumental work by Peter Cox.. New Zealand grown musician

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Guitar Lessons in Hastings - If your living in the Hawkesbay area and would like guitar lessons then click the contact me link at the very bottom of this page and email me with Guitar Lessons as the subject. I am currently looking for a few more students and my rates are very reasonable.


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My Origional Music mp3s..

All mp3 music downloads are free and complete

 Sunday Rain.mp3 2mb - This is my absolute first complete origional (Instrumental)

Splat_Blues_Hawk.mp3 5mb - Just a 5 minute splatastrophy of blues!

TheShuffle_Hawk.mp3 2mb - Bluesy, my friend Marty from 6string played keyboard & Drums

 MayHawk.mp3 4mb - This is one I just entered in an mp3 competion, its a little messy and raw

ThistoowillpassHQ.mp3 7mb - A high quality piece of tormented fused jazz blues