Peter J. Bury leisurely


Enjoying the diversities in life

Among the audience, my tentative steps...

A start is a start is a start...

Looking for a home in Milano, consider this great opportunity for rent, contact us!


Survived Plakkertjes 2007 edition a 666km tour starting in Issoire, including a total of >12.000m climbing (pictures soon on my Flickr). 

Back from an exciting 3 days in Copenhagen and Louisiana, my first touch down in Scandinavia!

The opening with "Among the Audience" is inspired by The Economist special of 20 April 2006. Highly recommended!

The day after 11 April, it seems Romano (Prodi) will lead Italy, but only just (results & dutch comments .pdf)

Y'day 7 april was my birthday, we celebrated with Ferrari @ le stanze and then went on to pizzas for a fab Chianina and Rosso del Conte of Tasca d'Almerita :-)


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