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Welcome to this Google site for Me. Find here a portal to my creative projects

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Peter Bulkley on Harbour

Feb `09.  What a crazy time we`re livin`in.  There is a new set of camera phone photos up on Facebook!



Sept `08 Hi. Thanks for stopping by.  You'll see in these pages some of my art and endeavors.

I am still under construction here so please excuse the mess.

This is a portal to some of whats happening now and what happened before. My books , photography and other media that collects on my computer. 

For anyone who knows Jack Pedler, try out the HeyJonny ringtone!!

With a page like Old Websites, I am attempting to populate this page with the media I have produced in the past. I have been using computers since 1978 and have many backups. Some data is recoverable while some is totally lost on backup disks that have no extraction software.  Some is still alive but not (fresh) because you know its 'old web'. Don't expect too much.


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