2016 Peterborough Woman's Club: Adult Woman's Scholarship Application in Memory of Janet Achilles

PWC: Adult Woman's Scholarship Application in Memory of Janet Achilles

The Peterborough Woman's Club of New Hampshire is offering this $1000 scholarship in memory of Janet Achilles. Any adult woman over the age of 21 residing in the ConVal School District who wants to obtain educational credentials or skills so that she may return to work, further her career, or pursue a change in career may apply. The scholarship will be awarded for use in the summer or fall of 2016. You must provide written proof of acceptance by your educational institution. The successful candidate will be notified in early June and will receive the award in person at the annual PWC dinner at the Monadnock Country Club on June 22, 2016. You may print, type, and mail your completed application to:  PWC SCHOLARSHIP, 66 CHENEY AVENUE, PETERBOROUGH, NH 03458, or you may email your materials to: margaretmarywalsh@gmail.com with "scholarship" in the subject line.

All applications must be received on or before May 21, 2016.

Your name: _______________________________________________________________

Your address: _______________________________________________________________

Your current occupation: _______________________________________________________________

Your date of birth: _______________________________________________________________

Highest grade you have completed:  __________________________________________________

Your phone number:   home ____________________ cell __________________________________

Your email: _______________________________________________________________

Information about the educational institution you plan to attend:

    Name of program:   _______________________________________________________________

    Name of college/university/institution:  __________________________________________________

    Web address: _______________________________________________________________

    Phone number: _______________________________________________________________

    Email:         _______________________________________________________________

    Contact person: _______________________________________________________________   

Applicant Questions: Please attach your responses.

What are your current educational plans? 

How will this scholarship award help you progress on your career path?

Please describe the educational or training programs that you have selected.

What other financial support do you have to help you complete your program and pay for your educational expenses?

Please tell us why you are a suitable candidate for the PWC Janet Achilles Scholarship.

You may include documentation of your academic abilities and achievements such as a resume and/or transcript. 

Thank you for your interest in this scholarship and best of luck with your career plans.