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- Independent High Tech Support in Plain Language, since 1969

Peter Blaise Monahon - - 703-845-1556

-- Computing Technology Industry Certified Network+ Security+ A+ Technician

3705 South George Mason Drive 605-S, Falls Church, Virginia (VA) 22041 US

Here are some popular services that I routinely perform for clients:
  • On-site or remote service, support, and training for your home or office.
  • Spybot, Adware, Hijack, Worm, Virus Removal and Inoculation
  • Hard Drive and Computer Crash Recovery and Prevention
  • High Speed Internet Installation and Internet Sharing
  • Home and Office Networks - Internet Web Sites, Email, Blogs, and Wikis
  • Computer System Purchase - Setup - Training - Maintenance
  • Document and Forms Scanning - Optical Character Recognition OCR
  • Voice Recognition - Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI
  • Digital Asset Management DAM, Imaging, Photography, Video, and Calibration
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In-home or in-office computer support: 

Don't worry about disassembling and carrying your computer system to a service center. 
I come to your home or office to work on your computer where you use it. 
Most services begin and end at your place. 
Only occasionally do I need to send components away or take them off-site for further work. 

I can also setup secure remote connections to support your computers from anywhere without you having to wait for a visit each time you need help - I can often fix your computer securely over the Internet.

Fixes for hardware, software, and user error:

I have noticed there isn't a single service routine that fixes everything. 
Computer systems seem to have at least 3 failures that I'm expert at finding and resolving:

1) Hardware can be improperly assembled or become intermittent, so I fix your hardware problems - cleaning, reconfiguring, swapping parts.

2) Software can be installed incorrectly or become corrupted, so I work on your software problems - remove and reinstall, update, patch.

3) Users can also unknowingly use their computer, their network, and their web systems in ways that may cause them to become slow or unreliable, so I work on user problems - finding the deeper issues, showing you clever work-arounds and shortcuts.

Crash recovery and prevention: Crash Prevention is better, but Crash Recovery is sometimes necessary:

I perform extensive crash prevention and recovery, including hard drive rebuilding. 
All systems, including brand new ones, could use enhanced tweaking to make them their best, and to make them a safe place for your precious data.

Backup is not prevention; it is insurance. Yet, who backs up before a crash, or knows how to restore? 
I setup reliable, automatic backups, and help recover from disaster. 
More manageable and affordable is avoiding a disaster with proper design, cooling, cleaning, and automatic self-tests so, I help avoid disasters.

IndependentI work for no one but you:

I offer 100% independent, professional support for personal computers (Windows and Mac), printers, peripherals, networks, web sites, and whatever else you have. 
I owe no allegiance to any manufacturer, vendor, or store, but when I get wholesale discounts, I pass them on to you without markup.

I work for you and your interests only. I develop long-term support relationships, and I have been supporting many customers for more than 5 years, some as long as 20 years.

Local On-Site Service, Bailey's Crossroads, SoMd, WaDc, NoVa, and beyond:

I live in the Baileys Crossroads area, and can provide the most responsive local service to the neighborhood with minimum delay and minimum charge. 
Also, I provide on-site and remote service throughout the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area with high quality attention that not only solves problems, but also prevents problems from coming back.

I enjoy my work and my diverse customers. I'd be honored to support you, your PC, and your other high-tech needs.

Peter Blaise Monahon - - 703-845-1556