McGinnis Consulting provides financial and asset protection strategies to anyone seeking a higher rate of return in a safe, risk-free environment.  Operating independently allows McGinnis Consulting to connect clients with over 20 major companies, maximizing our ability to meet each client's unique goals.
McGinnis Consulting has assisted clients in achieving one-year rates of return as high as 23% while never risking a loss on their investments.  In fact, because of their focus on safe, fixed accounts, McGinnis Consulting has never had a client lose a penny!
The company is owned and operated by Pete McGinnis and is a member of 4-Star Consulting Group.  4-Star Consulting Group is a consortium of independent consulting companies subscribing to high moral and ethical standards in assisting senior adults with asset protection strategies using quality insurance annuity products.  The group has a combined experience of over 20 years in assisting seniors.
McGinnis Consulting provides no-cost, no-obligation consultations for anyone seeking a safer, more productive method of savings or investment.  Free seminars are also availa
ble across the Gulf south.
Services include:
  • Lowering investment risks
  • Obtaining higher interest rates
  • Reducing taxes (including Social Security tax)
  • Stratetgies to minimize nursing home spend down
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McGinnis Consulting specializes in services for:
Services are also available to individuals who have changed jobs and want to learn more about the options they have for their old 401(K) investments.
McGinnis Consulting services are available to individuals in the southern Gulf area, including Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.
Pete McGinnis, McGinnis Consulting, LLC, and 4-Star Consulting Group are not stock brokers, securities dealers, financial advisers or attorneys.  They do not give financial, Medicaid, legal or accounting advice. It is recommended that you seek the counsel of an attorney, accountant or other qualified advisor regarding any questions you may have concerning these services.