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I started writing when I was 18, the year after finishing high school. It was more accidental than anything else: I was bored one day and wrote a few pages on the Onion of Death, an idea I'd come up with in year 4. Several months later I realised I was partway through a novel (which tragically enough was about the Onion of Death).

The following year saw my first ever play win Naked Theatre Company's Australia-wide "Write Now!" competition. The New Inhabitant was professionally produced for a full season at the Old Fitzroy Hotel in 2002.

Subsequently, I have completed 5 full-length novels and 60 plays, won more than a dozen international awards and worked as a high-level arts administrator, editor, publisher and much more.

See below for info and free downloadable samples of my work! Or you can get your hands on my novels via the following links.


I have completed five novels to date, chronologically:

Helm On Earth - excerpt available - ebook available for US$4
Competing for citizens in her afterlife, a little-known goddess named Ki-Vriast gives three perfectly unlikeable humans mystical powers. They use these new powers to, well, do whatever they feel like.

Meanwhile, the inexorable force of Pure Evil is making its way to Earth. The gods like Earth. It's their playground. Pure Evil will stuff everything up, probably in the form of some kind of apocalypse, and they don't want that to happen. Their only hope, unfortunately, seems to be the three mortals whom Ki'Vriast blessed. Getting them to put aside their differences and indifference will be a job of divine proportions.

It's the age-old dichotomy of average vs average, with good and evil sitting around wondering what they're doing wrong.

That Fateful Day
A boy wakes up hearing a voice tell him that it's the last day of his natural life, and he should go and enjoy himself while he's still alive. He doesn't take it seriously. But then others hear the same voice, and most of them end up dead. Thirteen different people all struggle to come to terms with their imminent ends.

Daymares - excerpt available
Mat loves cheese. Sebastian loves cheese. Damien doesn't mind it either. But when the cheese is infected and causes nightmares to come to life, the three quickly find themselves dead, alive again, dead again, older, and in dozens of predicaments they'd have never even dreamt of. More puns than this tagline.

Eyes And Knives - excerpt available
Read the crap I wrote everywhere else on this site.

The Travellers' Guide to the Afterlives - excerpt available
Ah, this one's about that time when I discovered how to astral travel to the afterlives and come back to write them up. I pay a visit to Heaven, Hell, Hades, and the afterlives of the Buddhists, Jehovah's Witnesses.


My collection of original plays can now be found at its very own page within this website for your convenience. Don't say I don't look out for you. There are full length plays, one act plays, 10 minute plays, and radio plays.

Short Stories

Manyof my short stories have won awards or placements in writing comps. I've only posted a few here. Click on their titles to download them:

Based on A True Story
Christmas Spirit
Darkest Moment
God: The Agnostic
Stage Fright - audio version

Fairy Tales

Written by Geraldine Aegerter and edited by myself, the Cutopia series are a fun collection of stories for children. One of these stories, The Ten Minute Witch, will be published by Helm Publishing in 2010.

You can look at the pretty illustrations and download a few of the stories below.

The Ten Minute Witch
Mayor Chestnut Tree Has Ants
The Easter Thief
Zigzag, The Nasty Road

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