Upsold - a short film

A man walks into a café to rob it. Unfortunately for him, the morning rush hasn’t begun and there’s barely any money to take. The robber quickly decides his best course of action is to step behind the counter and teach sales skills to the barista, Joey.

A snappy comedy with a twist you don’t see coming.

About the writer
Pete Malicki is an author and playwright known internationally for his engaging and successful monologues. His work has been produced 920 times in 22 countries, winning a total of 24 major awards. He also holds a world record as Festival Director of the longest 10 minute play festival in history, Short+Sweet Sydney 2012 (86 days). Pete specialises in teaching career development skills and innovation to artists and has set up The Monologue Project, Sydney Foreign Actors Association and Arts Business Academy.

Pre-production on Upsold began in earnest in February 2019 after some initial groundwork completed late 2018. The shoot is scheduled for May, primarily at a café with an additional scene shot at an office.

We believe the diversity of Australia should be represented in film. We are proud to be in a position to cast actors from any ethnic background in Upsold. The best actors will be offered roles, irrespective of their colour, creed, sexual preference etc. Casting will take place in May 2019.

Queen of the Jungle Productions are highly selective when it comes to crew, working only with individuals who show exemplary levels of commitment and demonstrate strong skills or potential in their fields.

Executive producers: Pete Malicki and Talin Agon
Writer: Pete Malicki
Director: Angela Blake
1st A.D: Erin Alexander 
DOP: Lizz Vernon
Makeup artist: 
Production Manager: 
Sound recordist and post-production sound: 
Editor: Kern
Composer: Jai Pyne
Production Assistant: EV Moore
Production Assistant: John Tsioulos
Production Assistant: Dan Jackson

Talin Agon Kashian 
Producer, “Phoebe”

Talin Agon is an Australian Actress, writer and producer. She is known for feature films such as Life of the Party (2017), Life Class and Chimeira. She has also appeared in several shorts, web series and TV across LA, NYC, London and Sydney. She studied Acting at The New York Film Academy and Paul Michael's The Network in NYC. She is the founder of Queen of the Jungle Productions, which produced the short films, The Paper Rose and The Ghost of Kelly Winters.