The Flowers

The Flowers - a short animation

The Flowers is an 8.5 minute black comedy about a young man who is a death magnet: people around him keep dying, and he tries everything to counter this.

The production team will use this animation to pitch for a series of thematically-related short cartoons; think "Love, Death and Robots". 

About the writer
Pete Malicki is an author and playwright known internationally for his engaging and successful monologues. His work has been produced 920 times in 22 countries, winning a total of 24 major awards. He also holds a world record as Festival Director of the longest 10 minute play festival in history, Short+Sweet Sydney 2012 (86 days). Pete specialises in teaching career development skills and innovation to artists and has set up The Monologue Project, Sydney Foreign Actors Association and Arts Business Academy.

The Flowers has been in production since September 2018. Visuals are almost completed and we are locking in our voice over artist and completing sound design.

Executive Producer – Pete Malicki

Producer – Lisa Eismen

Directed by Pete Malicki and Lisa Eismen

Written by Pete Malicki

Animation – Inspire Animations, India

Head of Animation – Shreyans Shah

Sound Design – Marty Gallagher

Original Music – Jai Pyne

By u n me films and The Monologue Project