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The Travellers' Guide To The Afterlives

The Travellers' Guide To The Afterlives
The most important book in the history of literature.

Whether you're deeply pious or a hardcore atheist, just imagine this: what if afterlives really do exist? And what if some of them suck?

Wouldn't you want to know which religion to spend your life following to secure yourself the best eternity? Because life is short and eternity is really, really long.

In "The Travellers' Guide To The Afterlives", I visit Heaven, Hell and Hades, as well as the afterlives of the Buddhists, Jehovah's Witnesses and Australian Aborigines. Join me as I recount my adventures and enjoy the tales of life, death, life again, more death, more life, a bit of sex, and an adorable couple of koalas. Find out which religion will take you to the best afterlife so you can make an informed decision about your hereafter.

E-book now available from Smashwords.