Pete Malicki

Pete Malicki is one of Australia's most accomplished creative artists, with global success as a playwright and countless credits as an industry leader. His work has won 24 major awards in Australia and abroad and he holds a world record as Festival Director of the longest 10 minute play event in history.

Pete's first and foremost creative passion is writing. He has completed five fiction novels and over 80 plays. His first taste of success was winning Naked Theatre Company's "Write Now!" competition in 2002, seeing his first ever play produced for a 22-show season at the Old Fitzroy Hotel in Sydney. In 2009, his novel "Eyes And Knives" was released by Helm Publishing. He's gone on to have his plays produced 920 times in 20+ countries around the world, winning a total of 24 major awards. 35 of his monologues and five of his plays have been published.

He began directing theatre, with credits such as "Shakespeare Tonight" by comedy legend Tim Ferguson and "1790; a tale not often told", a mid-scale production held at Lend Lease Theatre. He's now directed almost 70 plays, though he has moved over to directing animation with the production of his short work "The Flowers" in 2019.

Pete began teaching creative writing and playwriting courses, while also picking up work as a producer. He has been Coordinator of Crash Test Drama for 10 years and Festival Director of Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney over five seasons. He founded and heads The Monologue Project, a theatre company which produces live shows and runs workshops for high school students and professional actors. More recently, he founded Sydney Foreign Actors Association, an advocacy group which supports overseas actors working in Sydney. He has produced theatre, dance, cabaret, comedy, magic and choir.

Pete's greatest passion is helping artists with career development. He founded Arts Business Academy, which offers career coaching, the International Creative Career Health Check and a year-long online course: Arts Mastery.

In short, Pete is a writer specialising in theatre monologues, a highly regarded producer and a passionate career coach. When he's not doing creative stuff, he's rock climbing, hiking, travelling, playing with animals or being enslaved in his brother's garden.

This is what occupies most of his time:
  • Writer: fiction author, playwright, world-leading monologue writer, winner of 24 nationwide/international theatre awards
  • Teacher: run workshops on playwriting, monologue performance, business skills for artists, creative writing, producing
  • Coach
    • Career Coach for artists, helping them turn their craft into a career
    • audition and monologue coach for actors
  • EditorNew Holland Publishersfreelance
  • Literary Management: manage 700+ annual script submissions for Short+Sweet International
  • Producer / Event Manager:
    • Founder and Producer of The Monologue Project: shows, courses, workshops for high school students, free script resource
    • Coordinator of Crash Test Drama: artist development program
    • Former Festival Director Short+Sweet Sydney (2012-2015, 2018): the world's largest short play festival
    • Founder and Business Development Manager, Sydney Foreign Actors Association
  • Arts Business guru:
    • Founder, Arts Business Academy
    • Creator, Creative Career Health Check
  • Massage therapist, training development officer, ferret owner

Notable Writing Achievements
* 2019 - finalist of the V Edition of the International Flash Fiction Competition (138 finalists from 43,185 submissions)
2017 - short play Screams And Whispers wins Best Play at Short+Sweet Kolkata
2017 - short play Captain Everything wins Best Play and People's Choice Runner Up at Short+Sweet Dubai
2016 - 750 productions of my plays
2016 - published The Travellers' Guide To The Afterlives, a fiction novel
2015 - short play V.D. awarded the Audience Choice Winner at France's first ever International 10 Minute Play Festival in October
2015 - short play Captain Everything wins Wildcards People's Choice Award at Short+Sweet Manila 2015 in September
2015 - 500 productions of my plays
2015 - short play Captain Everything wins People's Choice Award at Short+Sweet Kolkata 2015 in July
* 2015 - 11 of my new monologues published by SpeechGeek
2014 - 50 different plays performed in productions around the world
2014 - short play Captain Everything wins People's Choice Award at Short+Sweet Malaysia 2014 in November
* 2014 - 18 of my monologues published by SpeechGeek
2014 - full length play V.D. tours NSW before heading to Brighton, England
2013 - short play Cry For Me wins Best Play at Crash Test Drama Finals in December
2013 - short play V.D. is named Winner of LOST Theatre Company's Five Minute Festival in London, England
* 2013 - screenplay Henchmen produced in LA (
2013 - short play V.D. part of show that wins The Latest Festival Award for Best Theatre Performance at Brighton Fringe
* 2013 - short play Checkout wins Best Production at Short+Sweet Canberra 2013
* 2013 - short play V.D. wins 5x awards at Short+Sweet Auckland: Best PlayPeople's Choice AwardBest Comedy Script, Best Actress and Best Director
* 2012 - short play Disgusted wins Best Script at Short+Sweet Bangalore Corporate Festival
* 2012 - full length play Room recipient of Sydney Fringe Awardpublished by EmuScripts
* 2012 - short play Filled To Empty winner Best Script, Short But Not So Sweet 2012
* 2012 - short play V.D. wins Honorable Mention, Best Play at Ten Minute Quickies 2012
* 2012 - short play Foreclosure published in an anthology
* 2012 - short play V.D. wins a place in first ever People's Choice Showcase at Short+Sweet Sydney 2012
* 2011 - short play The Flowers wins People's Choice Award at Crash Test Drama Finals in December
* 2011 - short play The Flowers selected as a Gala Finalist at Short+Sweet Melbourne 2011
* 2011 - short play V.D. performed in Gala Finals of Short+Sweet Brisbane 2011 and wins People's Choice Award (by the highest margin ever) and Best Comedy
* 2011 - short play The Devil's Aftershave selected as a Gala Finalist at Short+Sweet Sydney 2011 (170 plays performed)
* 2010 - short play The Devil's Aftershave performed in Singapore, Canberra and Brisbane. Winner of Best Drama, Short+Sweet Brisbane 2010 (from 750+ entries)
* 2010 - short play Going Down ranked Top 10 of the Popular Vote, Short+Sweet Sydney (160 plays performed)
* 2010 - short play The Goon published in an anthology
* 2009 - novel Eyes And Knives published
* 2008 - founded Helm Publishing, an independent publishing company
* 2002 - one act play The New Inhabitant Winner of Naked Theatre Company's "Write Now!" competition
* 70 plays performed in over 900 productions
* 5 novels completed
* published by SMH,, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Empower Mag, Writers Beat Magazine, many others

I have published a fiction novel as well as many short stories, articles and plays.

I'm highly active in the Sydney theatre scene. I coordinate
a monthly theatre show called Crash Test Drama, held on Monday nights at New Theatre. I am Short+Sweet International's Literary Manager, in charge of script submissions and assessments, and the former Festival Director of Short+Sweet Sydney. I am the Producer of The Monologue Project, which runs performances and workshops. Most of my plays are available from this website.

I teach Monologue Performance and Business Skills courses at New York Film Academy Sydney, creative writing classes through Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College, and I coach actors/writers. I have run workshops internationally, including at Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. Read more about this here.

I have previously run an independent publishing company, Helm Publishing, which released several titles and offered editing services for fiction writers and playwrights. I currently work as a contracting editor for New Holland Publishers.

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How I started writing
At age eighteen, after finishing high school, I sat at home bored. I didn't want to get to uni. I didn't like the idea of working, let alone working hard, so I sat around playing Nintendo. One day I was bored enough to revisit a story I wrote in year four about Joel the Onion of Death. I wrote a chapter. Some months later I'd written 50,000 words and I realised I was halfway through a book.

A year or so later a friend sent me an advert for a playwriting competition. I'd never even read a play (excluding what I pretended to read in high school), let alone written one, but I thought, "What the heck. I'll write a play." I won the competition and had my first play produced for a 22-show season.

This grew from a bit of frivolous fun to a serious career.