Pete Malicki

Author, playwright, monologue expert, producer, director, editor, teacher, coach, creator of squedging.


I'm Pete Malicki, a Sydney writer and creative industries leader. My passion is bringing innovation into the arts and entertainment worlds to make cool new things happen and to provide opportunities for new and established artists. I'm particularly interested in working with artists on their careers, helping them develop and implement a pathway towards success and financial stability.

This website has over 80 original plays available for free download, many of which have won major awards. Want to perform them? I'd love you to!

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Upcoming Courses
Playwriting - how to write a short play
Thu 21 Feb - Thu 28 Mar 2019
Ever wanted to write a play but don’t know where to start? Short plays are becoming increasingly popular, with numerous events around Sydney focusing on the form. Learn how to develop characters and story, write believable dialogue and create dramatic tension or good comedy. As part of the course, I can assist you getting your play into Crash Test Drama and/or Short+Sweet Sydney.

Acting - Monologue Performance
Sat 16 Feb - Sat 30 Mar 2019
This seven-week course is designed for actors of some experience wanting to improve their skills at performing monologues. It’s run by creative industries leader Pete Malicki, who specialises in writing and teaching monologues.

This Monologue Performance course is designed to enhance actors' skills in one of the most critical yet neglected areas: the monologue. Whether it’s a short piece to impress in the audition room, or a standalone performance in its own right, every actor should have a strong monologue in their repertoire for when they want to showcase their talents to the right people.

Creative Industries Business Skills
Mon 29 Apr - Mon 03 Jun 2019
This professional development course is designed for Creatives who want to increase their chances of success in the arts, entertainment, performance, book, music and other creative industries. There are over 50 topics being covered! Click the link for a breakdown.

Collaborate with me

Do you think we'd have fun working on a project together? I'm currently working on a range of projects including: an animated version of my play The Flowers; a stand up comedy show; a play which will tour China.

If you want to work together, introduce yourself and send me a pitch of your project and how I could be involved.


Pete's plays, services and publications

This website contains around 80 of my original plays. There are:

Read all about them from this page.

I teach a range of courses and workshops, including:
Monologue Performance | Business Skills For Artists | Playwriting | Producing | Creative Writing | Massage
Contact me to book me for a workshop or read testimonials from my students.

I work one-on-one with actors on monologue skills and audition preparation. 
Read more about my coaching services or send me an enquiry.

I am also a Career Coach for artists, helping them improve their business skills and turn their craft into a career.
"(extra)ordinary, (un)usual volume I-IV", "Manologues" or "Gender Blender"
Six volumes of my award-winning, internationally successful monologues are on sale by SpeechGeek in the USA. Written for the US speech and debate / forensics market and available for US$19.99 each. Follow this link for more.

Eyes And Knives
Grab your copy of my fast-paced action / sci-fi / conspiracy theory novel Eyes And Knives, named as Berkelouw's Book Of The Week on its release. 
$20 including postage (within Australia).

Editing services
I edit non-fiction, fiction and playscripts.

Who are you? I might be able to help!

Actor, director, theatre company or producer looking for scripts?
There are 80+ original plays on this website.

HSC student looking for an IP monologue?
My monologues get students OnStage nominations (10% of ALL OnStage nominations last year!)

Forensics / speech and debate student looking for a humorous interpretation or dramatic interpretation piece?
My pieces have taken many students to Regionals, State and even Nationals.

Actor wanting to smash your next audition or perform a killer monologue?
I am a world-leading expert in monologues. Coaching services available.

Artist struggling to make a living?
I have developed a Career Coaching package which will launch your artistic business/career.

Writer looking for an editor?

10+ years editing experience, including with a major publishing house. I edit books and plays.