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We always stand for the satisfaction of our customers’ requirements and expectations by offering quality services and encouraging each staff member contribution, within respective competence and powers, in order to achieve set objectives.

All that stands for us the perseverance in directing our efforts and resources to some strategically important goals for increasing the progress, as follows:

  • To accurately realize our customers’ requirements and meet them to the utmost level of satisfaction;

  • To determine specific quality objectives and make the whole personnel aware of their fulfilment significance;

  • To be in conformity with the legislation in force in respect to all technical, labour, procedural and health-protection requirements;

  • To keep in conformity with quality management system requirements and to steadily increase its effectiveness;

  • To provide opportunities for the development of personnel abilities and raise its contribution by means of effective trainings;

  • To develop effective interactions with our suppliers for assuring the control over the purchased products.

QUALITY is our guarantee to make it!

Vasil Troharov

MARMET ltd. General Manager