about TREN company


5, Belogradchik Str. 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria                              Tel: (+359 2)932 23 42 E-mail: office@tren-bg.com                                                    www.tren-bg.com                                                                                                     


     On August 1st, “TREN” EOOD received a license for electrical energy commerce at an official ceremony that took place at the public commission building for State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission /SEWRC/. The license is for a term of 10 years and gives the company the right to join in the liberalization of the energy market in the republic of Bulgaria.

    The company’s goal is to succeed in the energy market through transparent politics and loyal competition within the framework of potential energy supplies following the laws of the energy industry.

    Supply of Electrical Energy of Free Contractual Prices

Our company’s price is lower than the regulated energy prices fixed by SEWRC and one of the most competitive in the area of the country.

“TREN” EOOD supplies electrical energy to the railway system of Bulgaria and to other major energy enterprises. The successful development of electrical energy commerce involves knowledge concerning the structure of the market, participants, character of deals, laws relating to sales contracts.


Package of service, which we offer to consumers of electrical energy, joining high and low voltage:

·         Ensuring the quantity of the electricity ordered, with guaranteed price and quality.

·         Help to optimize cost of product, answers on the type of plan for your energy uses.

·         Advice for the usage of electrical energy based upon consumer usage diagram.

·         Computer software product to process data, evaluation of possible deviations and prepared prognosis.

·         Individual approach and individual advice.


In addition to the sale of electrical energy, which is the primary activity of “TREN” EOOD, we offer consultation, preparation of necessary documents and representation (after authorization) of business consumers going out on the electrical energy market, and implementation of foreseen legal procedures. We assemble of electrical measurement controls to precise control and measure usage in preparation for weekly scheduled deliveries.


    The team of “TREN” EOOD realizes this; that the principal focus of our attention is your business, and for this, we will offer you peace of mind and convenience, and we assure you we will develop where there are the strongest possibilities.

    In addition to having knowledge of the workings of the interior electrical energy market, “TREN” EOOD has experience executing export deals of electrical energy from Bulgaria to other countries situated in Central and Eastern Europe. The activities which we which to engage in are import, export, and the transit of energy through the territory of the country implemented in accordance to concluded agreements at the government level. We can collaborate and work jointly with representatives of different energy firms located in Central and Eastern Europe. When conducting international auctions, we can be your representative for Bulgaria like you are in your country.


In the event that you are interested in the services offered in the packet, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Our mission is to develop as a reliable partner in the area of the trade of electrical energy. We highly value our partners and clients and for this we will be honest and useful as this is the principal priority in our work.





                   Petar Petrov