During the second half of 2010, Belgium presided again the Council of the European Union.
Among the activities, two have been organised more specifically linked to Public Employment Services:

Wednesday 1 december 2010

This one day conference has been organised just before the HoPES meeting (Heads of Public Employment Services - see hereunder).


The main theme of the conference focused on several issues that predominate the positioning and redefining of the missions of Public Employment Services (PES), in close connection with the Strategy “Europe 2020".


The SynerJob conference aimed on one hand at giving visibility and nurture debate on the broader role of PES as coordinators of labour market issues, with priorities on this new PES business model, on new processes and services related to accompanying careers.


On the other hand, in response to European recommendations made to Belgium, as well as following Federal and Regional responses to challenges in the fields of employment and training, the SynerJob conference focused in particular on the synergies between education, training and employment and the links PES can make with Life Long Learning.

Thursday 2 & Friday 3 December 2010

The Heads of Public Employment Services meeting (HoPES) is a bi-annual meeting (June & December) gathering Directors of the Public Employment Services of 30 countries (27 Eu Member States and 3 candidate countries).