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After over a decade of pest control experience in the Myrtle Beach area Lennie Johnson founded Zap Pest Control Inc. in 2014.  The mission of Zap Pest Control Inc. is simple, be on time, solve all pest issues for our customers, provide the best possible customer experience and do it for a fair price.

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Guide To Effective Rodent Control

Have you tried different methods to deal with the rodents for over two weeks but your efforts still remained unsuccessful? If your answer is yes then it might be time to get the help of professional for rodent control.

Can you imagine rodents living within your walls and underneath your sink, eating your food and going through your garbage? Is this a kind of problem that should be dealt with slowly or immediately? If you believe that rodents have invaded your house, you need to call a rodent control specialist, like Zap Pest Control, right away. A reliable exterminator will deal with the problem immediately and teach you some tips on how you can deal with it later on. To be sure that you hire only the best, here are a few tips you need to know.

When To Call Rodent Control Experts

Because mice are tiny rodents, homeowners believe that seeing one inside their house, basement, or attic is harmless. But, mice carry viruses, bacteria, parasites, and diseases. Nobody would like to share their home with mice. It’s important to act right away if you think your home is infested with mice.

Myrtle Beach Rodent control specialists deal with the mice in your home. How do we get the job done? We use poison or trap take out all the rodents that may be in your home. We will check your house and determine the spots where poison or traps should be placed. In case the plan is not effective, the exterminator is going to change his plan until he succeeds. An expert exterminator of rodents will also tell you how you can stop other rodent infestation.

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Carpenter Ants: How Much Damage They Can Do And Some Pest Control Tips

Carpenter ants are as bad as termites and pest control measures need to be taken as soon as possible. You may have even heard someone say that termites are a multi billion dollar issue but carpenter ant damage in the U.S. only costs hundreds of millions. Although this is true, this is a threat that you should never take lightly. If you leave it untreated, carpenter ants could do a lot of damage to your house. Here are a few things you need to know.

Among the biggest reasons why carpenter ants do not do as much damage as subterranean termites is that they are not as secretive. Because carpenter ants do not consume food, they need to do something with the wood waste that they are producing. This frass or sawdust is pushed out of the kick out holes and builds up of the walls and floors. When this happens, it will let the homeowner know of a possible pest problem, and a professional Myrtle Beach pest control specialist is called on for assistance. But what if the frass accumulates in an areas that is hard to spot or where it could easily blend in? The consequence will be ongoing damage that could start to look a lot like termite damage.

Carpenter ants are known for feeding on rotting timbers or soft wood but they are also known to move into sound wood. Once they do that, they could easily weaken the support beams and cause the structure to warp, which is the same thing that termites do.

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Pest Control Tips For Carpenter Ants

Because carpenter ants are attracted to rotten wood, controlling the moisture in your yard will help in making your home less appealing to them.

You need to address broken gutters that let water to run down the side of your house. You should also fix leaky hoses or damaged spigots that you may have in your house. Loosen the ground that’s been compacted so that rainwater cannot pool close to the foundation walls. Trim bushes or trees to allow the sunlight into spaces that get too much shade.

It is also crucial to get rid of food sources in your backyard. In case you’ve got wood borders for the flower beds, a stone border is not just a great landscape idea, it could also assist you in resisting carpenter ants.  You should move construction materials or firewood to a minimum of 20 feed from your home’s foundation walls. Keep a border of two feet between your foundation and mulch or think about changing mulch with crushed stone.

If left unattended, carpenter ant damage could be costly to you as the homeowner. It is never a good thing to let a pest problem go untreated. In case you are seeing worker ants or maybe swarmers in and around your property, you should call a pest control specialist right away.

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Do You Need A Mosquito Service?

Mosquitoes are all around especially since the summer is already in full swing. Given that, you can expect to see tons of fliers for mosquito services swarming your mailboxes. The cost of these services depend on your location, how big your yard is and several other factors. These include if your yard is filled with greenery and shrubs that may harbor resting mosquitoes. Firms usually give out discounts for the first treatment. After that, they will charge a flat rate per treatment. The total cost per year will depend on how long the mosquito season is going to be in your area. If you live in cooler areas, the mosquito season is shorter. For those of us in Myrtle Beach, you can expect it to be longer.

residential mosquito service commonly involves the use of insecticides that are registered with the EPA or Environment Protection Agency such as pyrethrins, which come from chrysanthemum flowers; as well as pyrethoids, artificial chemicals that replicate phyrethrins. These treatments are more common like using organophosphate pesticides. The latter tend to be more toxic to animals and birds and that’s why they are used much less.

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How Mosquito Services Work

A mosquito service will blow insecticide from backpack designed tanks, focusing on the underside of the vegetation, leaves, ground cover, as well other dark and cool locations where mosquitoes tend to hide. Mosquitoes are killed when the spray touches and dries on it. However, it leaves residues on the branches and leaves that will repel the bugs, which will help control the insects that go into your yard from someplace else.

The Environmental Protection Agency said that there are registered compounds that are effective and safe when they’re prepared and used as indicated in their label. Zap Pest Control uses these recommended compounds with or mosquito service. But the agency also left a reminder that there are no pesticides that are 100% risk free.

mosquito serviceMosquito services, like Zap Pest Control , suggest that kids and pets stay inside when you are spraying outside. They should stay there for an hour more after spraying. Pyrethroids could be very toxic to fish and bees and that is why they should not be used on decorative ponds.

Mosquitoes thrive close to standing water and that’s why you have to dump water from old tires, buckets, flower pots as well as toys such as Frisbees. According to studies, the efficiency of mosquito control solutions that claim to be all natural are commonly unreliable. Those who want natural sprays may try them to see if they can help. They can always use a registered insecticide if they think the latter is better.

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