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Game Description

PES Manager is a mobile game developed and launched by Konami. It was released on both iOS and Android devices on 6th May 2014. 

The game features more than 1,500 players from E.U leagues. In PES Manager, the appear as badges, which players collect to create their team. Players earn badges through event rewards in the form of prize tickets, or through the Prize Draw system. For a Normal Prize Draw, players use friendship points, which they can earn by playing friendly matches against other users or by receiving as event rewards. Gather energy balls by clearing matches, receiving them from events or buying them for Premium Prize Draws. 

Keeping the right group of players on the field, in the right formations, executing special skill moves and earning points help managers improve their squads as they play challenge, skill, league and event matches.


28th August 2014:        Launched Site
29th August 2014:        Updated Player's Compendium (13/14 5* Players)
                                          Added Guide on Player's Attributes
                                          Added Guide on Excitement Points
                                          Added Player Reviews - List of Best and Worst 5* Players
4th September 2014:    Updated Player Reviews - 7 of the Best and Worst 5* Players
10th September 2014:  Updated Player's Compendium (BDR Players)
11th September 2014:   Updated Special Matches Schedule
15th September 2014:   Updated Hall of Fame - Grand Prix 3
17th September 2014:   Added Events - Attack the Frog
1st October 2014:           Added Events - Battle Challenge
27th October 2014:        Updated Player Compendium (CLS Players)
12th December 2014:     Updated Player Compendium (everything that was possible)
                                           Updated Hall of Fame - Grand Prix 4
13th December 2014:     Added Player Compendium (14/15 5* Players)
16th December 2014:     Added Player Compendium (14/15 NDS Brazil, Netherlands Players)
27th December 2014:     Updated Player Compendium (14/15 5* Players)
29th December 2014:     Added Player Compendium (14/15 CLS Players)     

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