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Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears was when the Federal Government had permission to take the Cherokee`s land in the south and move the Indians up to the North. The government has set out land in the North for the Cherokee to live, but the problem was, the new territory was 1,200 miles away. On the Trail of Tears, the Indians were fed very little, and given little water. The journey was not only physically hard, but mentally. About 4,000 out of 15,000 Cherokee died from exhaustion and many diseases. The Cherokee had everything taken away from them, and that is completely unfair. 

Andrew Jackson was the President at the time of the Trail of Tears. He is the one who signed the Indian Removal Policy. The Indian Removal Policy gave the federal government power to take possession of the Indian land. 

There were many diseases on the trail of tears. Many people suffered from small pox, measles, influenza, bubonic plague, cholera, malaria. People who were so sick that they could'nt walk they were drug by chains.

Twenty-two million acres of land was lost when they kicked the indians off. So many people died during this time on their walk and it was just a terrible time. Over 3,500 people were killed and just left there. They walked through every kind of weather you can possibly think of.

The cherokee were kicked off their land and forced across the Mississippi River. The goverenment took them to the "Indian Territory," which is the designated land set out by the government. The Indian Territory is located in present day Oklahoma.

The Trail of Tears was especially hard on elderly and little Children. Some elderly Cherokee began to become content with death. Parents of the young children would often give their kids half of what little food they were given, so parents would get sick.

 Today The Trail of Tears is a national historic trail in georgia and kentucky that many people go to visit each year. The government created the park to show respect for the cherokee who lost their lives durring the trail of tears.

John Ross was the principle cheif of the cherrokee. In 1826 is when he started being cheif. He passed away in 1866 and thats when he had to stop being cheif. He demanded the rights to vote and also almost over 5 million dollars to have citezenship.

Instead of using guns or bows and arrows, the Indians used the printing press to fight to keep their land. The Cheokee knew that if they fought with guns or bows and arrows, they would lose. 
 The signing of the Treaty of New Echota on Dec. 29, 1835, as depicted at the New Echota Historic Site in Calhoun, Ga. The signers are shown signing the treaty in the parlor of former Cherokee Phoenix Editor Elias Boudinot. COURTESY PHOTO
The Treaty of New Echota was created to state peace between the Indians and the Americans. The Treaty was signed 20 years after the Trail of Tears started. Cherokee forgave the Americans, and now Indians are given protected land today they are called 'reservations'. 

Many books and movies were created in memory of the Trail of Tears. This event will stay in US history forever, but it is not one of our brightest memories.