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Nazism is a political party in Germany lead by Hitler and they despised Jews. The Nazis absolutely hated everything about Jews. They convinced the German citizens that Jews were evil and that they were trying to take over Europe. The Nazis did not hate only Jews, they also despised many more groups of minorities.

This symbol is called a swastika. It is the symbol for Nazis and all Nazis wore an arm band that red and had this symbol inside.

The Nazism race was started in Germany as a political party also known as German Workers Party. It was created originally by Anton Drexler, Dietrich Eckhart and Gottfried Feder but later was taken over by Hitler.

The Nazi uniform had high goth-like boots with no buckles. The pants were puffy and baggy. Nazi uniform was a longer coat with a belt around the waist with a hat like a police officer had and an arm band around the left arm with the Nazi symbol.

The Jew uniform was called the striped uniform and then became known as "the striped pyjamas". The shoes they wore were clogs. The clogs were made of leather or wood and they didn't have socks to wear with their shoes. They would get a change of clothes around every six weeks.

Hitler was after children to become Nazis, so he would put them in camps to prepare them for war. Boys would focus on becoming physically healthy, and were encouraged to fight at the camps.

In German schools during the Holocaust, kids were taught Nazism. Textbooks had even been rewritten so that young students would follow Adolf Hitler.

Nazis discriminated against not only the Jews but also Gypsies and the disabled. They harassed many people for no reason whatsoever.

This is what the nazis looked like when they where in a group.

The Nazi party made things devastating for the ones being discriminated against. Not only did they harass and take out their anger out on them, they manipulated others into doing the same.

This is the man that was behind all of this he did not even make the line of featurs you had to have to be considerd an Arayn. Actually most of his family had mental issues!