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Yes, this is it, the PERVbar.  It is totally FREE and discreet.  There aren't any third party applications, no viruses, no spyware attached to this.  It's just a simple tool bar made by a fellow perv.  So why or how is it free and no other ties?  Well I'm HOPING, it to be ad supported and be distributed and spread like wild fire.  Befor you download, please read and accept the few terms (we all have to them) below.

The PERVbar DESKTOP APPLICATION END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT This is a legal agreement between you (the Licensee) and the owner/distributer/author of the PERVbar (the Distributer) 1) The distributer makes all efforts to keep The PERVbar free of malware including but not limited to viruses, spyware, and worms. However, should the aplication or hosting company become compromised, the distributer retains no liability or responsibility. 2) While The PERVbar is free, it is mine and credit for this application is mine. in other words Copyright 2008 3) The PERVbar is designed and written to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6+. Minor support may be provided via suggestions. When a suggestion is approved, it will be distributed through an update of the application. 4) The PERVbar is not intended to be any sort of malware. Should installation or removal of The PERVbar to/from your computer system cause any corruptions to any files, the distributer shall not be held liable or responsible. 5) While The PERVbar is for pervs, the distributer does not any any form or fassion condone underage pervs. However, the utilities on The PERVbar will still be usefull for those trying to, for example, buy a surprise gift for a loved one. In other words, this is my toolbar, feel free to distrubute it but I retail all rights, and as with any software, download at your own risk.

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