AIDIA:  Asociación Interdenominacional para el Desarrollo Integral de Apurímac (Interdenominational Association for the Holistic Development of Apurímac)

We work together in Abancay with AIDIA, a Peruvian-run Christian organization whose goal is the transformation of the Apurimac region through the translation of God's word into Quechua.

The translators are currently hard at work translating the Bible into East Apurímac Quechua and teaching Quechua literacy throughout the region, in villages as far as eighteen hours away by bus.

While AIDIA's main goal is translation of the scriptures and literacy in Quechua, they also provide pastoral and leader training. They are also deeply concerned with human need and are involved in children's ministries and family transformation.
Quechua Book Publications
Brendan's main ministry at AIDIA is production and training in the use of the oral Bible (orality) , however as a side ministry Brendan trains Peruvian authors to write books in East Apurímac Quechua.  
The need:  The region of Apurímac will be receiving the scriptures in their language in 2020, published by AIDIA. In order for these people to read the scriptures, mass literacy is being done throughout Apurímac.  AIDIA has started a very effective literacy system, but they lack written materials to use for teaching purposes.  Also, Christian brothers and sisters in Apurímac are thirsty for Christian materials but are unable to read and understand Spanish.  Therefore, authors and publications produces both literacy and Christian growth materials, exclusively in Quechua.
    Literacy Materials:  AIDIA teaches literacy through volunteers in villages all over Apurimac and they work in conjunction with Brendan's ministry: authors and publications.  They are currently producing a book of Quechua riddles and Quechua tongue twisters to raise interest in Quechua literacy. 
    Christian Growth Materials:  To help brothers and sisters in the villages grow in their faith, authors and publications has produced several devotional books which teach from the word of God and from the everyday experience of Quechua farmers.  We recently produced a book on alcoholism which helps Quechua brothers and sisters overcome a huge stumbling block to growing in Christ.   
Above: Readers buying AIDIA Quechua books
during a dental clinic in the town of Concacha