Strathmore Series

posted 6 Aug 2019, 13:43 by Perth Sailing Club


                 Last weekend’s races were sponsored by Strathmore Spring Water part of A G Barr. The conditions were excellent for sailing with a stiff easterly force 4 wind. Nine boats took part in the first of the two races of the day. It was a clean start with Euan MacDonald in his RS Aero taking an early lead followed by Chris Watson helming his Laser who reached the top mark of a figure of 8 course first followed by Euan, then Sandy Rodger and Jenny Casebow in their Albacore.  Cadet Ivan Kossko also in a Laser was closely behind them with Bill Inches and Gillie Amatt in another Albacore. At the completion of the first lap Chris was leading the fleet still in the same order, but Leonie in the slower Mirror retired before the end of the lap.  Vicky Wright in her Europe was managing to keep up well with the main body of the fleet while to the rear Andrew Porteous helming a Club Quest with Jamie Bryson crewing were struggling a bit as was the Quest helmed by Anne Bryson and crewed by Eric Taylor.  At the top of the tide the Tourist boat Badger returned to base from an excursion downriver closely followed by the Hav Martin St John, a large container ship on its way to deliver timber to the harbour.  Positions remained the same throughout with the faster boats managing to complete the four rounds, Chris Watson taking the line ahead of Sandy and Jennifer with Bill and Gillie in 3rd position.  The slower boats were finished on average lap time.

               The same nine boats sailed the same course for the 2nd race of the evening after the Officer of the Day had requested the marks be pulled in due to volume of water coming down the river and a lessening wind.  Chris was again the first to the top mark followed by Sandy and Jennifer then Bill and Gillie with Ivan doing well in a Club Laser in 4th position.  Further down the fleet Andrew helming this race and crewed by Grant and Jamie were followed by Euan then Eric and Anne with Leonie and Felicity in their Mirrors.  Heading towards the 2nd mark all boats were much closer together than in the first race – however, Chris and Sandy were taking a notable lead.  With lessening wind Felicity found it a struggle in the Mirror only completed one round while Leonie in the other Mirror completed three of the four rounds.  Unfortunately Bill and Gillie encountered equipment failure and retired before the end of the first round.  First over the line was Chris ahead of Sandy and Jennifer with Euan in 3rd position.  

               The series continued on Sunday evening when seven boats took to the water – conditions were very wet with a very light wind.  John Ferguson helming his Albacore crewed by Gillie Amatt led to the first mark of a short triangular course followed by Euan’s RS Aero, then the Lasers of Chris and Ivan.  There was a strong incoming tide and the two slower Quests and the Wanderer helmed by Andrew and crewed by Jamie struggled to cross the start line.  With Euan catching up to John they were neck and neck as they rounded the 3rd mark of the course and started to beat back up river, but very quickly John and Gillie pulled ahead of Euan against the tide keeping to the north bank of the river out of the pull of the incoming tide.  Unfortunately, the two Quests helmed by Anne Bryson and Grant were unable to attain the first mark of the course and they retired.  First over the line at the end of the 2nd final lap were John and Gillie followed by Chris with Euan in 3rd position.

               The wind picked up slightly for the final race of the Strathmore Series and the same seven boats took to the water.  Once again John Ferguson and Gillie stormed into an early lead followed closely by Chris, then Euan with Ivan in 4th place.  Andrew helming the Wanderer  was next, well ahead of the two Quests which were helmed respectively by newly fledged Club members Grant Hill crewed by son Jamie and Anne Bryson crewed by Eric Taylor.  John and Gillie retained the lead throughout, hugging the north bank while Euan gained on Chris, pulling ahead as they chased the lead boat downwind.  With John and Gillie having lapped Grant and Jamie they undertook their last tack to cross the line first with Euan establishing his position for 2nd place, 12 seconds ahead of Chris.  Ivan, only 25 seconds behind Chris came in a commendable 4th.  Grant and Jamie completed one lap and the Race Officer worked out an average lap time based on the one lap.


Positions after Handicap:-

Sat 3/8/19:-

Race 1 – 1st Blue Meanie (C.Watson) 2nd Heisgeir (S.Rodger/J.Casebow) 3rd Albacore (B.Inches/G.Amatt)

Race 2 – 1st Blue Meanie (C.Watson) 2nd Laser (I.Kossko) 3rd RS Aero (E.Macdonald)

Sun 4/8/19:-

Race 1 – 1st Mirage (J.Ferguson/G.Amatt) 2nd Blue Meanie (C.Watson) 3rd RS Aero (E.Macdonald)

Race 2 – 1st Mirage (J.Ferguson/G.Amatt) 2nd Blue Meanie (C.Watson) 3rd RS Aero (E.Macdonald)

Overall Winner of Strathmore Series:  Chris Watson  2nd Euan MacDonald 3rd Ivan Kossko