Spring Series & Grouse Series

posted 19 May 2018, 01:17 by Perth Sailing Club

               Six boats entered the first race of the short Grouse Series, a series consisting of four races.  Weather conditions were fine with a south westerly wind.  Euan Macdonald helming his RS Aero 7 got off to a good start on starboard tack, but the rest of the fleet elected to start on the more favourable port tack straight to the first mark, leaving Euan in 4th position to the second mark.  The two Albacores of John Ferguson crewed by Kiernan Foley-Hall and Robin MacArthur crewed by Gilly Amatt were next, closely followed by Jack Douglas helming Andrew Porteous’s Solo with Bill Inches in his Firefly and Vicki Wright in her Europe bringing up the rear.  John Ferguson and Kieran were well in the lead on the downward leg, managing to extend this during the second round of the race followed by Jack with Robin and Gilly in 3rd place.  These positions remained the same, the race being shortened to 3 laps due to lessening breeze and in deference to the slower boats in the stretched out fleet.  First over the line was John and Kiernan followed by followed by Robin and Gill with Jack in 3rd position.

               Five boats took to the water for the 2nd race of the day.  Unfortunately, Jack was tight up against the bank at the start and overshot the line so had to go back and restart allowing John to emerge from the fleet in the lead to first mark followed by Jack, then Robin and Gilly.  A couple of kayaks came down the bank making for a little confusion to the first mark, but Jack recovered well to pull into the lead.  At the downwind marks the wind died away to almost nothing and a long, slow battle ensued to get back up against the ebbing tide.  Robin took the line ahead ahead of Jack, followed by John some minutes later, the race being shortened to one round.

               The penultimate race of the series saw six boats on the water on a fine day with a breezy south westerly wind though it did ease off somewhat during the race.  Jack led all the way with Andrew Porteous close on his stern while Peter Bevan in his Streaker fought it out with Euan’s RS Aero behind them followed by Vicky with Leonie in her Mirror to the rear. Four rounds were completed with Jack crossing the line ahead of Andrew with Euan in 3rd position.

               The final race saw the same five boats take to the water.  The breeze had eased off somewhat so the race was shortened to two rounds with Peter leading slightly ahead of Euan during the first round with a slight gap, then Jack followed by Andrew with Leonie to the rear struggling in the Mirror in the diminishing wind.  First over the line was Peter followed by Euan with Jack in 3rd position.

Results following Handicap:-

Sat. 5/5/18

Race 1: 1st Mirage (J.Ferguson/Kieran Foley-Hall) 2nd Whooper (J.Douglas) 3rd RS Aero 7 (E.Macdonald)

Race 2:1st Cordon-Bleu (R.MacArthur/G.Amatt) 2nd Whooper (J.Douglas) 3rd Mirage (J.Ferguson/K.Foley-Hall)

Sun. 6/5/18

Race 1: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Laser (J.Douglas) 3rd Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan)

Race 2: 1st Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 2nd Laser (J.Douglas) 3rd RS Aero7 (E.Macdonald)


Overall Winner of Grouse Series – Jack Douglas