Race Reports – Sat 1st and Sun 2nd July - PC Solutions Series

posted 6 Jul 2017, 00:23 by Perth Sailing Club

Perth Sailing Club – PC Solutions Series

               Last weekend was the start of the PC Solutions Series of races at Perth Sailing Club. It was a good turn out on Saturday morning with seven boats taking part in the first race of the day. Lap one saw the Albacore helmed by Bill Inches and crewed by Gillie Amatt take the lead followed by Euan MacDonald in his Aero 7 with Andrew Porteous in his Solo (Whooper) , Sandy Rodger (Streaker), Cadet Ivan Kossko (Laser 4.7) and Leonie Poor (Emmental). Vicky retired during the first round and Leonie retired during the second round. Euan managed to take the lead on lap two followed by Andrew, Sandy, Bill and Ivan. Euan held onto his lead during round and the same order was maintained by the rest of the fleet. At B howeever Bill and Gillie had an incident on the final lap when the mainsheet came adrift from the Albacore and they subsequently retired. It was Euan (RS Aero) over the line first followed by Andrew , Sandy third and Ivan a very creditable fourth in his first race of the season. Race Officer was Audrey Robertson with rescue cover provided by Eric Taylor

               Only three boats took part in the second race. With Euan making a good start followed by Andrew in his Solo. Gillie Amatt crewing for Peter Bevan this time in his Miracle was making good progress. Andrew took the lead form Euan during round two and he held onto his lead throughout round three to cross the line line in first place followed by Euan (RS Aero 7) and Peter & Gillie in the Miracle. 

               On Sunday four boats started in the blustery conditions. Race Officer Eric Taylor set a challenging course with some fast reaches. It was good to the see the Gauld family taking part in the racing.  Munro joined Peter Bevan in his Miracle (Ptarmigan) and daughter Molly joined Bill Inches and Gillie Amatt in the Albacore (Kelpie) with her brother, Joe crewing for Andrew Porteous in the new RS Quest. In Race 1 Andrew & Joe took the lead from Vicky Wright in her Europe who managed to get back over the line just before the start. Peter and Munro were next followed by Vicky while Doug Ogilvie became becalmed at mark A.  A small ship passed through the fleet causing a bit of chaos.  Andrew and Joe increased their lead on lap two over Peter & Joe but Bill Inches with Gillie & Molly on board were catching up.  On lap three the wind had really picked up and the RS Quest was heeling hard at times and further increased their lead downwind. Doug was struggling in the wind, sailing the Miracle single handed and retired during lap three. Andrew & Joe were first over the line followed by Peter & Munro with Bill, Molly and Gillie in third place. Vicky retired during lap three.

               With the wind gusting even stronger for the second race, Vicky decided to crew for Doug in his Miracle. Again it was Andrew & Joe in the Quest who got away to an excellent start closely followed by Peter & Joe in their Miracle. The other Miracle of Doug & Vicky were close on their stern. Bill & Gillie in the Albacore (Kelpie) followed suit.  All three boats were close together at the A mark when Peter tacked right on top of Doug. Andrew & Joe stalled their Quest allowing both Miracles to catch up. Peter & Joe took over the lead when the wind picked up and pulled clear ahead of the rest of the fleet. This was short lived as they got into difficulties at Mark C. This allowed the Quest of Andrew & Joe to regain their lead. Jim Galloway Safety Officer in the Rescue boat attended Peter & Munro.  Kelpie helmed by Bill Inches & crewed by Gillie Amatt took advantage and made their way into second place over the line behind the Quest of Andrew & Joe. Doug & Vicky were third over the line with Peter in fourth place with Munro bailing out the boat as they crossed the line.

Sat 1st July:

Race 1: 1st Whooper(A.Porteous) 2nd RS Aero7(E.MacDonald)3rd Streaker (S.Rodger)

Race 2: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald) 3rd Miracle (P.Bevan/G.Amatt)               

Sun 2nd July:

Race 1: 1st Ptarmigan (P.Bevan/M.Gauld) 2nd RS Quest (A.Porteous/J.Gauld)

               3rd Kelpie(B.Inches/M.Gauld/G.Amatt)

Race 2: 1st RS Quest(A.Porteous/J.Munro) 2nd Boofles 111 (D. Ogilvie/V.Wright)

               3rd Ptarmigan(P.Bevan/M.Gauld)