Race Reports - Strathmore Series

posted 23 Sep 2016, 00:23 by Perth Sailing Club

               There was an excellent turn out of sailors for the popular Strathmore series of Races sponsored by A G Barr. Fifteen boats helmed and crewed by nineteen members with two races being held each day. Race one took place in very light wind conditions. Jack Douglas sailing his Streaker made a good start followed by Robin MacArthur and Gillie Amatt in the Albacore Cordon Bleu. Euan MacDonald was helming his Aero 7 well, followed by Jim Galloway in his Solo. Ian Noble in the Club’s laser was trying to catch up with the leaders with Cadet Eve Humphry following in the Feva. To the back of the fleet the two Solo’s of Andrew Porteous and Doug Ogilvie were struggling as the wind dropped towards the end of the race. It was the Albacore of Robin and Gillie who were first over the line followed by Jim Galloway with Euan Macdonald in third place.

               All boats got away to a clear start in race two on starboard tack except for Bill Inches in his Firefly who started on port, resulting in the other boats having to give way to him as he made his way upriver towards the first mark. Robin and Gillie though soon overtook him, followed by Sandy crewed by Vicky, then Ian, Jim and Peter.  Next in line was Andrew followed by Euan then Andrew and Jack.  With ever decreasing wind and a strong outgoing tide Eve Humphry crewed by Mum Jane were struggling in the Club Feva. First over the line was Robin and Gilly with only one second separating them from the second Albacore of Sandy and Vicky with Ian in 3rd position.

               There was slightly more wind for day two of the Strathmore series and with fifteen boats taking part in race three the start was delayed by a few minutes to allow everybody to get on the water. The course remained the same as the previous day with all marks taken to Starboard. It was very close racing with only one  minute separating the bulk of the fleet as they completed lap one. The order was Sandy Rodger crewed by his daughter Jennifer in the Albacore Dash led Robin & Gordon also in the Albacore Cordon Bleu followed by Ian Noble in the laser with others close behind.  Euan MacDonald in his Aero7 had a good race catching up on the final lap and crossing the line in third place behind the two Albacore overtaking Ian Noble along the way. At the back of the fleet Paul and Victoria Rytson in their first race in their Albacore “Angus Ogg”did well finishing just behind Peter Bevan and Eric Taylor in the Club Albacore. 

               Fourteen boats took part in the final race of the series with cadet Ivan Kossko joining in in his Laser 4.7 Rig.  It was close racing from the start with the wind dying, boats were changing positions throughout the race. Bill Inches (Firefly) and Ian Noble elected to sail along the North shore towards the leeward mark and gained some advantage. The race was shortened to two laps only and it was the Albacore  Dash crewed by Sandy & Jennifer who crossed the line first. Bob Watson in his Laser Blue Meanie finished just ahead of Ian Noble also in a Laser by three seconds to gain second place. 

               After handicaps were taken into account the overall winner of the Series was Jim Galloway in his Solo Woodpecker. Perth Sailing Club wishes to thanks A G Barr for sponsoring the Series.     

               Results after Handicap:-

Sat. 17/9/16:-  Race 1 :1st Woodpecker (J.Galloway) 2nd Cordon Bleu (R.MacArthur/G.Amatt)

                           3rd RS Aero (E.MacDonald)

                           Race 2: 1st              Cordon Bleu (R.MacArthur/G.Amatt) 2nd Dash (S.Rodger/J.Rodger)

                            3rd Laser (Ian Noble)

Sun. 18/9/16:- Race 3 1st Dash (S.Rodger/J.Rodger) 2nd RS Aero (E.MacDonald) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

                           Race 4 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Woodpecker (J.Galloway) 3rd  Dash (S.Rodger/J.Rodger)

Winner Strathmore Series Jim Galloway 2nd Sandy Roger/Jennifer Rodger 3rd Robin MacArthur/Gillie Amatt