Race Reports - Spring Series - Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of May

posted 18 May 2017, 14:43 by Perth Sailing Club   [ updated 18 May 2017, 14:44 ]

               Six boats took to the water for the continuation of the Spring Series.  The weather was overcast with the threat of rain not far away accompanied by a S/W fickle wind.  With no wind to the south bank of the river a two mark figure of 8 course was laid to the north side.  All boats had a struggle to get to the right side of the start line and only two boats had a clean start, the rest had to catch up.  Peter Bevan’s Streaker led to the first mark followed by Jim Galloway helming his Solo, then Andrew Porteous, all experiencing gusts as they sailed back downriver towards the 2nd mark.  Euan Macdonald in his RS Aero 7 led the next boats followed by the Solo of Hunter Williamson and finally the Club Quest helmed by Bob Watson and crewed by Gordon Davidson.  The wind rose as did the gusts and Euan pulled out the stops managing to get level with Andrew during the final round with Euan just pulling ahead of Andrew as they rounded the final mark.  First over the line was Peter followed by Euan with Andrew in 3rd position.

               John Ferguson in his Streaker and Vicky Wright sporting her Europe joined the fleet for the 2nd race of the evening while Anna Woodhead joined the crew of the Club Quest.  With weather conditions and the course remaining the same, but the wind increasing in force the start was clean this time with the Quest making a good start on port tack, quickly changing to starboard tack to gain right of way over the rest of the fleet who were sailing on port tack.  John pulled ahead and was leading downriver to the 2nd mark closely followed by Hunter with Andrew overtaking on the near shore to lead, all boats being very close together at this stage.  Hunter then managed to get ahead of Andrew during the 2nd round while Peter experienced a capsize which though quickly recovered from lost him his lead.  Euan was next followed by John, then Jim with the Quest and Vicky to the rear.  It was a very close finish with Hunter and Peter battling together while John sneaked up the north shore (unnoticed by them) to take the line first ahead of Hunter by one second with Peter in 3rd position.

               8 boats entered in Sunday evening’s first race.  There were sunny intervals, but cool with a S/W wind force 3-4 with occasional force 5 gusts. Sandy helming his Albacore crewed by daughter Jennifer made an excellent start  extending a lead as he led to the first mark of a figure of 8 course over 4 marks followed by Jack Douglas’s Streaker.  Hunter experienced an exciting gibe on the downward leg.  Both Peter in his Streaker and Bob crewed by Amanda in the Quest capsized spectacularly in a force 5 gust while Jack and John in a Club Quest,  crewed by Eve kept close to Sandy during the 2nd round with Hunter in 4th position.  First over the line were Sandy and Jennifer followed by Euan with John and Eve in 3rd position.

               Conditions were similar for the 2nd race of the evening with a S/W wind force 3-4 with occasional gusts of F5 with the same8 boats taking to the water.  John and Eve in the Quest made an excellent start on port tack at the south end of the line.  Vicky appeared to have retired shortly after the start, but then returned to the fray.  John and Eve opened up a good lead over Sandy and Jennifer who were also overtaken by Peter on the downwind leg of the course.  Jack Douglas unfortunately capsized on the downwind leg during an exceptionally strong gust.  The race was shortened to 2 rounds when the wind died away as the tide turned.  First over the line was Sandy and Jennifer followed by John and Eve with Peter in 3rd position.

Results after Handicap:-

Sat. 13/5/17 – Race 1: 1st Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 2nd Whooper (A.Porteous) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

                           Race 2: 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 3rd (tie) Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan)                                                                      

Sun. 14/5/17 – Race 1: 1st Flat Oot (J.Douglas) 2nd Quest (J.Ferguson/E.Humphry) 3rd Whoof (H.Williamson)

                           Race 2: 1st Marsh Daisy (P.Bevan) 2nd Quest (J.Ferguson/E.Humphry