Race Reports - PC Solutions Series - 8th and 9th of July

posted 12 Jul 2017, 16:03 by Perth Sailing Club   [ updated 12 Jul 2017, 16:03 ]

               The PC Solutions series of races continued into its second weekend. The weather was excellent for Saturdays sail with a healthy force 4 and bright sunshine.  Four boats took part in the first race which was a long course with the first mark laid the other side of the Friarton Bridge. Euan Macdonald sailing his RS Aero7  made a good start and took a commanding lead which he held onto throughout the race. Sailors had the extra challenge of negotiating the passage of the pleasure boat Badger as she was dropping off passengers at Willowgate. Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) sailed a consistent race into second place. Bob Watson helmed the RS Quest and crewed by new trainee Munro Gauld did well hanging on in the gusty conditions and finished third.  Cadet Anna Woodhead with Vicky Wright crewing finished fourth and did well in the RS Feva. Neil Hughes sailing a Mirror and Bruce Renfrew took his daughter out in their Laser 2000 but came in after an impromptu swim in the Tay ably assisted by the rescue cover of Gillie Amatt, Eric Taylor & Gary Tait.

               Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) joined in for the second race of the day and made a very good start despite capsizing just be for the starting gun. Euan(RS Aero7) tried to stay with Chris but capsized on his first tack allowing Chris to sail into clear wind. In the RS Feva, Vicky & Anna had swapped position for the second race but capsized soon after the start and decided to retire. It was Bob & Munro (RS Quest) who were having a better race and were trying to catch up with Euan. Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) fell behind but managed to gain a third place after handicap. It was Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) who finished well ahead of the rest of the fleet followed by Euan (RS Aero 7) , then Bob & Munro (RS Quest) and Jim Galloway (Woodpecker)

               The weather was not so good for the last day of the PC Solutions Race Series on the Sunday. There was wind but with rain blowing through. A long course was set and it was Bob Watson (Blue Meanie) sailing up the south bank who took advantage of the incoming tide to reach the windward mark ahead of his rivals. Bob was ahead on lap one with only thirteen seconds separating the other four boats in the race. Jack Douglas (Flat-oot) and Andrew Porteous (Whooper) crossed lap one on identical times with Bill Inches and Gillie Amatt (Ceoll na Mara) only some four seconds behind.  Blue Meanie increased her lead but Bob had some trouble with the Kicking strap line tangling with the mainsheet block on his way to the windward mark on lap two. The race was shortened to three laps and Bob (Blue Meanie) was first over the line with John Ferguson (Bare Away) in second , Bill & Gillie (Ceoll na Mara) third, Andrew Porteous (Whooper ) fourth , Jack Douglas (Flat-oot) fifth.             As the wind eased the course was changed for the last race of the series. Gillie now helming the Albacore (Ceoll na Mara) made a very good start and reached mark A first, closely followed by the rest of the fleet. Bob Watson (Blue Meanie) to avoid an infringement missed the first mark and returned to the back of the fleet.  The next three boats Andrew Porteous (Whooper), John Ferguson (Bare Away) & Jack Douglas (Flat Oot) sailed the wrong side of the second mark and continued to sail on without realising their mistake. Once the error was realised Andrew Porteous (Whooper) sailed back to mark B to correct the error.  John Ferguson (Bare Away) retired as he decided that he was too far into the race to make the correction. The new leaders on lap two were, Gillie & Bill (Ceoll na Mara) Bob (Blue Meanie) in second and Andrew a long way behind in third place. The wind had dropped and this allowed Blue Meanie to overtake Ceoll an Mara on lap three as the boats headed down wind and with the outgoing tide towards the last mark.. On the final lap it was Bob Watson in the laser (Blue Meanie) over the line first closely followed by Gillie Amatt & Bill Inches in the Albacore with Andrew Porteous (Whooper) in third some three minutes behind.

Overall Winner PC Solutions Series: Andrew Porteous

Sat 8th July:

Race 1: 1st  RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald) 2nd Woodpecker( J.Galloway)3rd RS Quest(B.Watson/M.Gauld)

Race 2: 1st Blue Meanie (C.Watson) 2nd RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald) 3rd Woodpecker(J.Galloway)

Sun 9th July:

Race 1: 1st Blue Meanie (B.Watson) 2nd Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)

Race 2: 1st Blue Meanie(B.Watson) 2nd Whooper(A.Porteous)  3rd  Ceoll na Mara (G.Amatt/B.Inches)