Race Reports - ACH & Points Races - 27th, 28th and 29th July

posted 1 Aug 2017, 15:21 by Perth Sailing Club

Perth Sailing Club – ACH & Points Races

               The ACH races continued this week on Thursday and Friday evening. Five boats took part in the race with light winds and some showers.  Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy) was ahead of Andrew Porteous (Whooper) by only three seconds on the first lap with Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) third and Hunter Williamson (Whoof) fourth.  Peter maintained his lead on lap two, overtaking Vicky Wright (Europe) who was still sailing her first lap. It was a close finish on lap three with Peter taking the lead by only one second from Andrew Porteous.

               The wind had move round to an Easterly for the second race of the evening and at times died completely. Jim Galloway took an early lead but was soon overtaken by Andrew Porteous who managed to round mark B before the wind had gone. The race was reduced to one round only and it was Andrew Porteous over the line almost fifteen minutes ahead of Hunter Williamson followed by Jim Galloway in third place. Peter Bevan had retired before the windward mark

               Light wind continued for Fridays ACH races  with a total of eight boats out on the water for the first race of the evening. Peter Bevan & Leonie Poor (RS Quest), Vicky Wright (Europe) and Bill Inches (Hellespont) were all over the line at the start. Andrew Porteous (Whooper) made a good start but was quickly overtaken by Sandy Rodger & John Ferguson in the Albacore (Dash). However it was Hunter Williamson (Whoof) who overtook both boats to take the lead at lap one. As the race was shortened to two rounds only it was Hunter (Whoof) who maintained his lead and was a comfortable winner with Sandy & John (Dash) Andrew Porteous also in his Solo (Whooper) third.         

               Five boats set out for race two and it was Andrew Porteous who set an early lead but he lost it when  he incurred  penalty turns for an infringement. With John Ferguson helming the Albacore (Dash) he took advantage by taking the lead with Bill Inches (Hellespont), Hunter Williamson (Whoof)  and Andrew Porteous now in fourth place. The light winds held for the remaining rounds with both Andrew & Bill overtaking the Albacore (John & Sandy) for first and second place. The RS Quest (Peter & Leonie ) retired.

               The points racing on Saturday saw an excellent turn out with eleven boats on the water with friends and family looking on from the shore. A gate start with all marks to port made for a close and exciting start with all boats heading for the same part of the start line. The order at the windward mark was Andrew Porteous (Whooper), Hunter Williamson (Whoof), Sandy Rodger & Jenny Casebow (Dash). On the downwind run with an incoming tide the fleet split into two sections. Half decided to sail along the south shore. This allowed the motor vessel, Badger to be escorted through the fleet by the rescue boat crewed by Jim Galloway & Barry Douglas. Those who took the north shore were favoured by a less strong tide and their tactics paid off with Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) now in the lead followed by Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy)`, John Ferguson (Bare Away) and Jack Douglas (Flat oot). To the rear of the fleet cadets Ivan Kossko (Laser 4.7) and Anna Woodhead and her cousin (Cabin Feva) were sailing well.  It was Chris (Blue Meanie) who maintained his lead throughout the rest of the race followed by Andrew Porteous and Gillie Amatt (Kelpie) and Peter Bevan (Marsh Daisy). John Ferguson (Bare Away) continued to fall behind as he discovered that his boat was taking on water by the bow and sinking lower in the water but he continued racing finishing just ahead of Vicky in her Europe. Leonie Poor Sailing her Mirror missed the gate on lap one which was unfortunate and completed one round only.

               The second race of the evening with ten boats taking part, was also a gate start and this time there were two boats over the line Chris (Blue Meanie) and Hunter (Whoof). John Ferguson joined in later after effecting repairs to his boat. The two Albacores (Andrew & Gillie in Kelpie) and (Sandy & Jenny in Dash) made a good start with Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) in third at lap one. Although the wind had reduced during the race the Albacores and Laser were sailing well. Sandy & Jenny sailed into the lead from Andrew and Gillie on lap two with Chris in third. To the rear of the fleet the seven boats left were starting to fall behind with Jack Douglas (Flat Oot) retiring after round one and Vicky (Europe) and Ivan( laser 4.7) sailing two rounds and Leonie (Mirror) sailing one round. Sandy & Jenny (Dash) increased their lead to cross the line first with Andrew & Gillie (Kelpie) second and Chris (Blue Meanie) a close third.      

Results after Handicap:

Thurs 27th July ACH

Race 1: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Marsh Daisy (J.Ferguson) 3rd Whoof (H.Williamson)

Race 2: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Whoof ( H. Williamson) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

Fri 28th July ACH

Race 1: 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Dash (S. Rodger/J. Ferguson) 3rd Whooper (A. Porteous)

Race 2: 1st Whooper (A. Porteous) 2nd Hellespont (B. Inches) 3rd Whoof (H. Williamson)


Sat 29th July Points

Race 1: 1st Blue Meanie (C.Watson) 2nd March Daisy (P.Bevan) 3rd Whoof (H. Willaimson)

Race 2: 1st Dash (S.Rodger/J.Casebow) 2nd Blue Meanie (C. Watson) 3rd Kelpie (A.Porteous/G.Amatt)