Race Reports - 7th and 8th October - Points Series

posted 12 Oct 2017, 15:36 by Perth Sailing Club

               Six boats took to the water on Saturday for the continuation of the long Points Series. Conditions were bright with sunshine and S/W force 1-2, gusting 3.  Eric Taylor, Officer of the Day set a course of 4 marks, incorporating one of the navigation light stanchions as a mark and with a slight delay in start time due to lack of water Euan Macdonald in his Aero 7 and Ian Noble’s Laser led to the first mark A with Euan gaining ground by B.  Next came the Solos of Hunter Williamson and Jim Galloway with Bill Inches closing in on them in his Firefly.  With Euan keeping to the south shore of the river, the remainder staying mid-river or coming to the north they approached the 3rd mark C.  Audrey Robertson helming her streaker managed to catch up with the leaders by the line on way downriver and at C Euan was still leading followed by Audrey with Jim and Ian close behind, while Bill and Hunter were trailing.  Euan leading at D mark while Bill forgot D and had to turn back.  By the 2nd round Euan was well in the lead followed by Ian with Jim, Hunter and Audrey behind.  This time all the fleet chose to follow Euan down the south shore.  Euan experienced a spot of trouble at the D mark but recovered.  The fleet cut to the north shore, Audrey being further out benefited gaining 2nd place to D with fleet bunched up behind.  Bill retired at end of this round.  By the 3rd round Audrey had managed to extend her lead over Hunter and Jim with the wind picking up, Euan still extending his lead.  Jim experienced some issues downwind.  Jim and Hunter were neck and neck at D with Hunter on the inside.  First over the line was Euan followed by Hunter with Jim in 3rd position.

               The same six boats entered the 2nd race of the day, conditions much the same, but the wind was now W/SW and variable force 2-3.  It was a clean start with Hunter leading to A closely followed by Jim, then Jim, Ian and Euan with Bill and Audrey trailing slightly.  All boats bar Bill sailing towards C using the middle of the river taking advantage of the tide being at full while Bill came down north shore catching up fast.  Hunter extended his lead while Ian was gaining on Jim leaving Euan behind.  With the wind picking up, gusts were visible on the water Hunter was well in the lead on the way to D mark.  The 2nd round saw Hunter extending his lead followed by Ian, Jim dropping back a bit while Audrey and Bill swapped last place each tack on way to A mark.  Hunter was losing ground to Euan, trailed by Ian and Jim while Bill had managed to get ahead of Audrey by 50 yards.  With the wind dying a little as the sun dropped and the tide turned Hunter led to D then Euan.  Jim got to the mark inside Ian while Audrey closed in on Bill.  Hunter was starboarded by Euan as they approached the line and Euan tacked above him.  Unfortunately, Euan sailed in to a lull allowing Hunter to regain lead. At the end of the final 3rd round Hunter crossed the line first followed by Euan with Jim in 3rd position.

               Sunday afternoon saw nine boats take to the water for the first race on Sunday.  Euan helming his Aero led in the first round closely followed by Eric Taylor’s Phantom then the Albacore of Paul Rytson crewed by John Ferguson.  Next came Bill’s Firefly with Audrey’s Streaker close behind, followed by Bob Watson in the Club’s RS Quest helmed by M. Gauld.  Surprisingly Hunter was towards the back of the fleet just ahead of Vicky Wright’s Europe with Ian Noble bringing up the rear.   Eric got ahead of Euan in the 2nd round with John on his tail and this remained the same throughout the 3rd round, but Euan managed to get ahead of Eric during the final 4th round.  First over the finish line was Euan followed by Eric with Paul and John in 3rd position.

               The same nine boats entered the 2nd race of the afternoon with Eric leading ahead of John and Paul followed by Euan.  Bill led the next batch of boats followed by Ian, Audrey, Bob and M. Gauld with Hunter and Vicky to the rear.  By the second round John and Paul had taken the lead from Eric, the other positions remaining the same.  Three rounds were sailed and first over the line were John and Paul followed by Eric with Euan in 3rd position.

Results after Handicap:-

Sat 7/10/17:

Race 1 – 1st Nameless (E.Macdonald) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Woodpecker (J.Galloway)

Race 2 – 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Woodpecker (J.Galloway) 3rd Hellespont (B.Inches)                  

Sun 8/10/17:

Race 1 – 1st RS Aero (E.Macdonald) 2nd Cormorant (E.Taylor) 3rd Hellespont (B.Inches)

Race 2 – 1st Angus Ogg (J.Ferguson/P.Rytson) 2nd Cormorant (E.Taylor) 3rd RS Aero (E.Macdonald)