Race Report – Fri 12th & Mon 14th McNabs Law, Sun 13th Pursuit Race

posted 17 Aug 2017, 00:19 by Perth Sailing Club

               On Friday evening the first two races of the McNabs Law races were held. Winds were very light as the seven boats made their way slowly around the three marks. It was John Ferguson (Bare Away) who led from , start to finish followed by Andrew Porteous (Whooper) and Bill Inches (Hellespont). Race officer Leonie wisely shortened Race two as the wind had died completely and competitors were struggling to reach the windward mark.  It was John Ferguson who was declared the winner of that race with Andrew Porteous (Whooper) and Bob Watson and Jane Boyden (Aeolian) in third.

               The second part of the McNabs law races were held on Monday evening.  Three boats set out In the fickle wind which came from all points of the compass. It was Andrew Porteous (Whooper) starting on the south bank managed to get clear away but both Fergus MacMillan (Alabama) and Bill Inches (Hellespont) were carried past the line with the incoming tide and it took Fergus some two minutes to get back and Bill eight minutes to get back. Fergus (Alabama) did pick up the pace and almost caught up with Andrew on a down wind gust but he got stuck in irons and Andrew (Whooper) pulled clear again. Andrew touched the middle mark on the last lap and did a 360 to exonerate himself from a penalty finishing with a burst of speed. Meanwhile Bill was working to catch Fergus but was unable to do so as Fergus caught a gust to take him over the finish. The last race of the series was abandoned due to a downpour and no wind.      

               On Sunday the annual Pursuit race with a superb turnout of ten boats and two further boats taking advantage of the warm conditions including visitors from Montrose Sailing Club trying out one of the new RS Quests. The pursuit race is a staggered start with the slowest boats first away and the faster boats starting according to their Portsmouth yard stick rating. The eventual winner is awarded the Ferguson trophy. As wind conditions were easing the race was started with all boats following Joe Gauld in the Feva along the North Shore. The windward buoy which was placed at Moncrieffe Island and it was Bill Inches (Hellespont) rounding the mark first followed by Andrew Porteous (Whooper). Andrew though managed to overtake Bill and was edging ahead. After the allotted forty minutes sailing time it was Andrew who had reached the line of the race box whilst his nearest competitor (Bill Inches) was still beyond the Friarton Bridge.  Bill Inches was second an Eaun was third. Cadets Molly Gauld who was crewing for Doug Ogilvie made fifth place and Joe Gauld in Cabin Feva finished an excellent  seventh place ahead of Hunter Williamson (Whoof) and John Ferguson (Bare Away) who had got tied up in the weeds at the Willowgate fisheries.     

Results after Handicap:

Fri 12th & Mon 14th August McNabs Law Winner: John Ferguson

 Race: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Hellespont(B.Inches) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)

Race 2: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Whooper (A.Porteous) 3rd Aeolian (B.Watson/J.Boyden)

Race 3: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Alabama (F.MacMillan) 3rd Hellespont (B.Inches) 

Sun 13th Pursuit Race: Ferguson Trophy Winner: Andrew Porteous

1st Whooper (A. Porteous) 2nd Hellespont (B.Inches) 3rd RS Aero 7 (E.MacDonald)