Race Report – Dewars Series

posted 22 Apr 2019, 11:14 by Perth Sailing Club

               The lovely weather over the Easter Weekend attracted eight boats out on the water to continue  the Dewars Series of races at Perth Sailing Club. Officer of the Day Peter Bevan and Safety Officer set a challenging course  of three laps with lap one using the small island in the Willowgate channel as the first mark with subsequent  rounds using the remaining three marks only. Sandy Rodger and Jim Galloway,Albacore (Dash) made a good start along with Euan Macdonald in his Aero7 on the north shore. Munro Gauld in the RS Quest was over the line at start trailing Leonie Poor in her Mirror (Emmental). James Curley returned to shore to attend to his rigging and made a belated start.  It was Euan who was able to round the island first and lead the fleet over the two other short laps to take the honours followed by Sandy and Jim with Hunter in 3rd position.  Unfortunately Leonie who was keeping up well with the faster boats in her Mirror ground on the bank during the last lap of the course requiring assistance and retired.

                The course remained the same for the second race of the day, the wind remaining moderate. Bill Inches in his Firefly (Hellespont), Bob and Anne Watson in their Enterprise (Aeolian) made a perfect start. However it was Sandy & Jim in the Albacore (Dash) to be first round the island followed by Euan (Aero 7). The others were caught by the surly patches of wind to the south of Moncrieffe Island.  Unfortunately, the Watson Enterprise (Aeolian) hit James Curley’s Solo (Bear) rounding the island and they lost ground covering their penalty turns. Sandy & Jim (Dash) streamed down wind ahead of Euan (Aero7) from James Curley (Bear) and Munro Gauld in the RS Quest with quite a gap before Bill Inches (Hellespont). Sandy & Jim continued to forge ahead during the subsequent laps and crossed the line first with the ebbing tide hindering the later finishers.

               The excellent weather continued into Easter Sunday afternoon.  Cadet Anna Woodhead was Officer of the Day with safety roles covered by Gillie Amatt and Jim Davidson.  The wind was S/SW and a challenging figure of eight course was set for the sailors. Six boats took part in the first race,  John Ferguson in the club Laser being first to the top mark.  James Curley Solo, (Bear) and Hunter Williamson Solo, (Whoof) were both over the line at the start and had return. The wind strength was variable and Hunter sailing into a dead patch in the water effectively lost a lap.  On lap two it was still John Ferguson in the lead with the Watson Enterprise (Aeolian) now second and James Curley (Bear) third. John still held the lead on lap three but only just as Aeolian was now only five seconds behind.  John managed to pick up speed on the last lap increasing his lead to cross the line ahead of James Galloway in his Solo (Woodpecker) eighteen seconds ahead of Aeolian.   The ship IDA passed the clubhouse as Hunter Williamson (Woof) was crossing the line.

               Jacob McCauly joined Anna and Eric Taylor in the Race Box to oversee the last race of the weekend. Vicky Wright in her Europe made up the six boats that headed away from the start line.  It was John Ferguson (Laser) who got clear away to reach the top mark first followed by James Curley (Bear). At the end of lap one it was John, then James with Hunter in third and Jim Galloway (Woodpecker) in fourth.  Vicky retired through lap two after realising that she had left her centreboard on the shore! At lap two Jim (Woodpecker) had overtaken the Laser and was followed by Hunter (Whoof) and James (Bear) with the Watson Enterprise (Aeolian) in fourth.

The wind picked for the final lap and with the ebbing tide rounding the final mark on the south bank became a challenge. John Ferguson was first over the line followed by Jim Galloway (Woodpecker). Hunter capsized at this final mark getting his boat snagged up in the process, but attaining the Rubber Duck trophy (first capsize of the season during the course of a race)!  James Curley (Bear) drifted east of the mark allowing the Enterprise to overtake, making a wide detour around Hunter’s capsized boat and the rescue boat resulting in being third over the line followed by James Curley.


Results after Handicap:-

Sat. 20/4/19 :-

Race 1 – 1st RS Aero7 (E.Macdonald) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Hellespont (B. Inches)

Race 2 – 1st Dash (S.Rodger/J.Galloway) 2nd RS Aero7 (E.McDonald) 3rd Bear (J.Curley)


Race 1 – 1st Woodpecker (J.Galloway) 2nd Laser (J. Ferguson) 3rd Aeolian (B. Watson/A.Watson)

Race 2 – 1st Woodpecker (J.Galloway) 2nd Laser (J.Ferguson) 3rd Bear (J.Curley)