Race Report - Towback

posted 21 Aug 2017, 16:02 by Perth Sailing Club
Thirteen boats took to the water for the annual Towback race which involves sailing downriver to the head of the Earn tributary where the race is finished.  Weather conditions were fair, dry and warm with a light westerly wind.  Thanks to Race Officer Eric Taylor and Peter Bevan who rigged the three Club Fevas and two RS Quests which was a fantastic help with so many boats taking part.  It was good to see so many of our young cadets and thoroughly enjoying the experience with Anna Woodhead and Eve Humphry helming the two Club Fevas , Joe & Molly Gauld in the remaining Feva and Ivan Kossko in a Laser 4.7 rig. 

Peter Bevan led the way helming his Miracle(Ptarmigan), making full use of his spinnaker followed by Penny Allen helming the Porteous Albacore, (Kelpie) crewed by sister Gillie Amatt.  Next came Jim Galloway Helming the Wanderer (Noatak) crewed by his wife Inga, followed by Bill Inches helming his Firefly (Hellespont).  

By Stockwell Peter using his spinnaker to great effect  had extended his lead, followed by Penny and Gillie, these positions remaining unchanged at Sleepless Inch.  Sandy Rodger helming Jim Galloway’s Solo (Woodpecker) and Audrey Robertson helming her Streaker (Whizz) took a chance by cutting across the corner , a gamble that paid off as coming out of Sleepless Inch Peter, Penny, Sandy and Audrey were all level, albeit spread across the width of the river .  By the Bothy Penny was ahead of Peter, then Jim and Sandy, while Audrey and Bill were being slowed down by the tide.  Andrew Porteous helmed one of the Club’s Quests, ably crewed by his two grandchildren, Willow and India Allen while Munro Gauld helmed the other Quest crewed by Bob Watson and Leonie Poor helmed her Mirror (Emmental).  

The leading seven boats managed to pull ahead form the rest of the fleet as they headed past Inchyra.  At the finished it was Peter Bevan (Ptarmigan) over the line followed by Penny & Gillie (Kelpie), Sandy Rodger (Woodpecker) then Jim & Inga in Noatak, Bill Inches (Hellespont), Munro Gauld and Bob Watson (RS Quest) and Audrey Robertson (Whiz) The rest of the fleet finished some five minutes behind with Andrew Porteous , Willow & India Allan  (RS Quest) closely followed by the leading cadet Ivan Kossko, Leonie Poor (Emmental) , Joe & Molly Gauld (Spring Feva) , Eve Humphry (Feva Pitch) , Anna Woodhead (Cabin Feva). With a following tide it was the slow boats that had the overall advantage once the Portsmouth Yardsticks had been taken into account. Race winner was Peter Bevan with Leonie Poor second and Jim & Inga Galloway third. The leading cadet was Ivan Kossko with Joe & Molly Gauld in second followed by Eve Humphry and Anna Woodhead fourth.  All of the cadets managed to finish ahead of both the RS Quests which is an excellent achievement by the youngsters.
Thanks to all who provide Rescue cover. 

Sun 20.8.17 Towback  Winner Peter Bevan
1st Ptarmigan (P.Bevan)
2nd Emmental (L.Poor)
3rd Noatak (J.Galloway/I.Galloway)