Race Report - Spring Series & Kinnaird Series

posted 13 Apr 2019, 01:32 by Perth Sailing Club

               Four boats ventured out in light winds and drizzle for the first race of the 2019 season. Bob Watson (Blue Meanie Laser) and Hunter Williamson (Whoof Solo) were both dragged over the line at the start allowing Euan MacDonald (Aero7) and Gillie Amatt (Mirror) to make a clean get away. Hunter and Bob had caught them up by the time they had reached the first mark. As they crossed the first mark it was Euan in the lead followed by Bob. Hunter was only 20seconds behind but Gillie was trailing further behind in the Mirror.  Race Officer Andrew Porteous wisely shortened the course to two rounds only.  Gillie required assistance from the rescue boat crewed by Jim Davidson and Jack Douglas as her mainsail clew had become detached.  Euan (RS Aero7) maintained his lead crossing the line two minutes ahead of Bob Laser closely followed by Hunter some fourteen seconds behind.

               The wind had shifted from the West to the East for Race two and had increased to Force two. Andrew had reversed the course to take account of the changing conditions.  All boats got away to a clean start with an increasing wind the situation became increasing lively. The race order settled down with Euan leading, Bob in second, Hunter third and Gillie bringing up the rear. At the line it was Euan (RS Aero), Bob Watson (Laser), Hunter Williamson (Solo) and Gillie (Mirror)

               Wind conditions were better for day two of the Kinnaird Series. Race Officer John Ferguson had set a clockwise course over four buoys with the leading mark set over to the South of the river. All four boats got away to a good start with those on the faraway bank making a good getaway. Euan (Aero 7) again lead the field for the third race in a row and was getting the hang of the Aero in the windy conditions. Hunter was sailing well in second with Bob (Blue Meanie) trying to overhaul him on the downward leg on the first lap. Racing was still close between these three boats with Andrew Porteous (Whooper Solo) in fourth position.

At lap two Euan was impossible to catch but Bob had overtaken Hunter with Andrew close behind him. At the line on the third lap it was Euan (RS Aero 7), Bob Watson (Blue Meanie), Hunter Williamson (Whoof) and Andrew Porteous (Whooper)

                The wind had increased in strength for the last race of the Kinnaird trophy.  This time it Was Bob Watson (Blue Meanie) who got a clear start on the South bank of the river and was first to the windward mark. Euan was lying second followed by Hunter and Andrew. By lap two Bob (Blue Meanie) had increased his lead over Euan (Rs Aero 7) by over a minute who was a minute ahead of the two Solos, Andrew and Hunter. At the line it was Bob Watson (Blue Meanie), Euan MacDonald (RS Aero7), and Hunter Williamson (Whoof) in third and fourth Andrew Porteous (Whooper).

                Some places are still available for this year’s RYA training course, details are available from the club website.

               Members are reminded that the Annual down River Cruise from Perth to Wormit by the St Ayles Skiffs is due to take place on Saturday 13th April, with possibly 10 skiffs taking part. The boats are expected to start making their way down river at 10:00am weather permitting.            


Results after Handicap:-

Sat. 6/4/19 :-

Race 1 – 1st RS Aero7 (E.MacDonald) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Blue Meanie (B. Watson)

Race 2 – 1st RS Aero 7 (E.MacDonald) 2nd B.Watson (Blue Meanie) 3rd H.Williamson (Whoof)


Race 3 – 1st   RS Aero 7 (E. MacDonald) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)

Race 4 – 1st Blue Meanie (B.Watson) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Whooper (A.Porteous)


Overall Winner of Kinnaird:- Euan MacDonald