Race Report - Regatta

posted 13 Aug 2017, 03:08 by Perth Sailing Club

               Very light winds made a slow start for this year’s annual Regatta races at Perth Sailing Club. Race one is a RNLI Pennant race. Six boats started the race including cadets Molly and Joe Gauld in the Club Feva. Brian Thorburn and Vicky Wright in the Wanderer were also out on the water but not racing. It was the Albacore of Bill Inches and Gillie Amatt that were first away but were soon overtaken by the two Solos of Andrew Porteous and Hunter Williamson. There were only two buoys to round and on the downwind leg the order was Euan McDonald (RS Aero), Andrew & Hunter (Solos) and Bill & Gillie (Albacore). After rounding B Mark, Bill & Gillie overtook the other boats to cross the line first followed by Andrew Porteous and Euan McDonald third.

               The next race was Race one of the Regatta, five boats entered with Molly & Joe deciding to do some sailing down river in the Feva. Conditions were similar to the previous race with even less wind, only two boats managed to finish within the allotted time, Andrew Porteous (Whooper) first with Hunter Williamson (Whoof) second.

               There was more wind and a very large turnout for day two of the Regatta. With eleven boats taking part it was the largest number of boats that had taken part in the Regatta for many years. Brian Thorburn (Wanderer) was over the line at the start. With a mass of boats in mid-river it was Chris Watson (Blue Meanie) making headway along the North Shore. Boats were required to round the little island in between Moncrieffe Island and Willogate. It took over half an hour to reach this and round the mark Molly & Joe in Cabin Feva were fourth around the island, As the boats headed down river under the Friarton bridge it was Sandy Rodger and Neil Hughes (Dash) leading from Andrew Porteous (Whooper) and Hunter Williamson (Whoof).  The wind had changed to as South Eastery and it was these three boats that had a long lead over the remainder of the fleet.  It started to rain as the first boats were finishing lap one and this slowed down the other sailors. In the second pack it was Euan MacDonald (RS Aero) and Chris Watson (BlueMeanie leading the way). Over the line it was Sandy & Neil (Dash) followed by Hunter (Whoof) and Andrew (Whooper).

               The course was shortened for the last race of the Regatta and with the wind still variable, force 2 or 3,  nine boats took part. In the drizzle it was Hunter (Whoof) first away followed by Bob Watson (Aeolian) and the rest of the fleet following as a group. Chris (Blue Meanie) caught up at the first mark then Hunter (Whoof) , John Ferguson (Bare Away) , Sandy/Neil (Dash). Euan (RS Aero) and Vicky Wright (Europe) were bring up the rear.  At lap two it was Hunter (Whoof) and Chris (Blue Meanie) getting away clear from the rest of the boats. The lead was swapping between Hunter & Chris. However at the last lap it was John Ferguson (Bare Away) who took the advantage by staying to the North shore overtaking both Chris and Hunter to take the race. Results after Handicap:

Sat/Sun 5th & 6th August PSC Regatta & Pennant Race

Regatta 2017:  Winner Hunter Williamson 2nd Andrew Porteous 3rd John Ferguson

RNLI Pennant: Winner Andrew Porteous

RNLI Pennant Race: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Albacore(B.Inches/G.Amatt)3rd Whoof (H.Willianson)

Race 1: 1st Whooper (A.Porteous) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson)

Race 2: 1st Whoof ( H. Williamson) 2nd Whooper (A.Porteous) 3rd Dash (S.Rodger/N.Hughes)

Race 3: 1st Bare Away (J.Ferguson) 2nd Whoof (H.Williamson) 3rd Whooper (A. Porteous)