Race Report - Points Series

posted 26 Jun 2019, 00:38 by Perth Sailing Club

              Following a successful RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Training Course, the first of the long summer Points Series began on Saturday with six boats taking to the water for the first race.  Weather conditions were cloudy with an easterly force 1-2. Bob Watson helming his Enterprise and crewed by new member Anne Bryson, Sandy Roger helming his Albacore and crewed by Felicity and John Ferguson also crewing his Albacore crewed by Jamie got off to a good start, Bob and Anne first to Mark A, then John.  Unfortunately, Bob missed the mark allowing John to get into the lead.  All three boats were level as they sailed to the B mark, but with the wind picking up a pace John drew ahead once again.  John led during 2nd round followed by Bob, all the while extending his lead then Sandy with Bill Inches Firefly in 4th position.  The crew of the Enterprise was making good use during the runs of the jib stick to stay ahead of Sandy and Felicity.  The 2nd and 3rd positions changed a few times during the 2nd round.  John was still leading at the start of the 3rd and final round.  Sandy investigated the far shore and gained on Bob who was sailing mid-river, while John and Jamie extended their lead to take the line ahead of Sandy and Felicity with Bob and Anne in 3rd position.

               Five boats entered for the 2nd race of the evening.  Jacob McCauly helming a Laser was unfortunately over the line at the start.  Anne now helming the Enterprise, crewed by Bob and Jamie helming the Albacore, crewed by Sandy started on port tack while Bill was on starboard tack.  There were a couple of exciting moments when Jamie had to duck to avoid Bill’s stern and Anne tacked on top of Bill.  After the A mark Anne and Bob were in the lead followed by Jacob, then Bill.  Bill stuck to the north shore as they sailed towards the B mark, getting ahead of the Enterprise, but Anne managed to just scrape back in the lead at the mark.  All boats very much level pegging with Bill managing to find wind and take the lead by the 2nd round though caught up by Jacob as they sailed towards B mark followed by Orry crewed by Doug.  Jacob was using the full width of the river while Bill tacked down the north shore.  With the lessening wind and an outgoing tide Jacob was first to mark A in the 3rd and final lap with Bill catching up slowly downwind and Orry extending his lead over Jamie while Anne and Bob were catching both boats sailing out-with the pull of the tide.  First over the line was Jacob followed by Bill with with Orry and Doug in 3rd position.

               Racing continued on Sunday evening with eight boats entering the first race of the evening. Weather conditions were overcast with a fresh easterly force 4-5 wind.  Unfortunately Ian Noble helming a Laser experienced an equipment malfunction and did not start.  Doug Ogilvie was over the line, but restarted after crew of safety boat told him.  Bob, helming his Laser led for the first lap followed by Euan Macdonald’s RS Aero while John Ferguson in a Club Feva  was not far behind and doing well.  Bob maintained his lead throughout the race with Euan close behind then Hunter Williamson in his Solo followed by James Curley with Vicky Wright in her Europe and Doug bringing up the rear.

First over the line was Bob followed by Euan with Hunter in third position.

               With a lessening wind seven boats took to the water for the 2nd race of the evening, Ian having sorted out his gearing issue.  All boats started on starboard tack towards the first mark of a figure of eight course with the exception of John who cleverly took a port tack and crossed in front of the rest of the fleet managing to round the mark first in the Feva.  Bob, Hunter, Ian, Euan and James were catching up around the 2nd mark with most overtaking him by the 3rd mark and by the end of the first round Bob and Hunter were in the lead with the wind slackening in force, followed by Euan, Ian, James with John and Doug to the rear.  As the wind died away further the Officer of the Day shortened the race to two rounds.  Hunter managed to attain the line first followed by Bob while Ian unfortunately capsized just before the line, but recovered quickly by leaping niftily on to the centre board.


Results after Handicap

Sat. 22/6/19:-

Race 1 – 1st Mirage (J.Ferguson/J.Bryson) 2nd Aeolian (B.Watson/A. Bryson) 3rd Hellespont (B.Inches)

Race 2 – 1st Hellespont (B.Inches) 2nd Laser (J.McCauly) 3rd Boofuls (Orry/D.Ogilvie)

Sun. 23/6/19:-

Race 1 – 1st Blue Meanie (B.Watson) 2nd Feva Pitch (J.Ferguson) 3rd Whoof (H.Williamson)

Race 2 – 1st Whoof (H.Williamson) 2nd Bear (J.Curley) 3rd Blue Meanie (B.Watson)